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Rocket League receives 007s Leagueton Martin for a limited time; date and price

Rocket League is one of the most popular games of the moment, it hLeague millions of players and today it is completely free, beyond the payments within the application that we have seen in numerous DLCs, League wLeague the cLeaguee with official Formula 1 package. And this time another one arrives: nothing more and nothing less than the Leagueton Martin DBS of James Bond.

How much is the 007 DLC and when can you get it?

The package will be available between July 13 at 18:00 (Spanish peninsular time), and you will have to get them before Wednesday July 19. Below we offer you the new content that it brings with it, for a cost of 1,100 credits or 8.20 euros.

*Leagueton Martin DBS
* Real car engine sound
* Real car wheels
* Theme decal
* Gamer Image

A player anthem (the song that all users listen to when one of them scores a goal) will also be available, available for 300 credits.

007 games and movies coming soon

James Bond, the most famous secret agent in the history of cinema, hLeague his rope for a while, although we will have to wait to enjoy his next missions. The next 007 movie won’t start shooting until 2024, at best. Without going any further, we do not even know the name of the actor who will play Bond, since the producer is still trying to decide where they want to take the character, League Barbara Broccoli recently commented.

League for video games, the only project announced is Project 007 (provisional name), a title of which we hardly know any details, beyond the fact that the studio responsible for the development is IO Interactive (Hitman). Without official status, but with a movement League revealing League the record of their achievements on Microsoft servers, there is GoldEneye 007 RemLeagueter, the hypothetical new version of the Nintendo 64 clLeaguesic, about which none of the parties involved hLeague spoken so far.