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Is Skate (4) a cross -platform game? Skate

The upcoming game about the skateboarding Skate 4, which is now officially called just Skate, released a new extended video called The Board Room, which discusses all the components that fans should expect from the game. The developers from Full Circle are involved in Board Room, who are working on the new Skate game. The video answered many questions that the fans had to know, including whether there will be a cross-platform game in the game, whether the game will be a multi-user game and on which platforms the game will be released.

will there be a multi-user online game in Skate?

The Skate franchise has always been known for its multi-user online game, so it is not surprising when the developers in the Board Room video announced that the game will have a multi-user online game. You can play against your friends on the Internet. You can compete who is the best virtual skater among your friends of friends or who is stronger after it falls from his skate.

will there be a crosspiece in Skate?

In the next Skate game will be the cross-fuss and it will be completely cross-platform. This means that players who have a game on one console can play against players on another console through a multi-user online game. The game will also support a cross-process when the game allows you to play the game on one platform and continue your progress on another. For example, you can start playing Skate on PlayStation, and consolidate your progress on Xbox. If you bind your Skate account or profile with both consoles, you can continue from the place where you stopped at the PlayStation, on Xbox.

will Skate 4 on PC?

If the fourth Skate record supports the cross-platform game, then what platforms will Skate be released for cross-platform game? In the Board Room video, Full Circle General Manager Dan McCaloch says: Skate will be a full-fledged cross-platform game and cross-progress between the last generation, the next generation and the PC. This confirms that the game will be released on a PC, but what about other platforms?

will Skate be released on other platforms?

The McCallloh quote implies that the game will be released on several consoles, both the last and the next generation. The quote suggests that you should expect that the game will be released not only on the game consoles of the current generation, but also on the consoles of the last generation. Skate is likely to be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Currently, it is impossible to determine whether Skate will be launched on Nintendo Switch, since SWITCH hardware is less powerful than for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


Skate will be free, but at the time of writing this article, the official release date was not announced.

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