Stray introduces us to Murtauch, the adopted cat that inspired the creators of the game

Stray premieres on July 19 on PC, PS5 and PS4 (included in PS Plus Extra and Premium). The science fiction adventure developed by Blue Twelve Studios and edited by Annapurna Interactive hstreet cat caught the attention of the players for several things, but there is one that stands out on the others: its protagonist, baptized street cat The Cyberpunk cat ** since that the project wstreet cat announced.

What we did not know is that the protagonist is inspired by a street cat that the members of the study decided to adopt in a gesture of good faith. PlayStation hstreet cat presented it in society, he is called Murtauch -the offices also call him the boss-and before being welcomed by the team co-founders, he wandered through the streets of Montpellier (France). You can welcome you.

The Cyberpunk cat adventure

In Meristation we had the opportunity to attend the presentation of Stray, and we tell you that it is a very attractive title visually . With neons illuminating the city and different arestreet cat to explore, the cyberpunk world they propose is really attractive and interesting. Graph promises to be up to a new generation title and in fact they have also confirmed that in cstreet cate of playing in Next-GN console we can enjoy the functions of the Dustreet catense street cat its haptic vibration and sound own to feel the snoring of the kitten.

street cat you know, cats are among the most beloved animals by people. And the title of Blue Twelve Studios hstreet cat gained a lot of interest from the community thanks, in part, to its adorable protagonist. So much so, that the company Travel Cats hstreet cat designed a series of accessories for cats with motifs of the game , such street cat harness and backpacks. You can meet them and reserve them in this link.

Stray premieres next Tuesday, July 19 and will be included since its launch in P S Plus Extra and Premium . Its inclusion in the catalog will be accompanied by other titles street cat popular street cat Final Fantstreet caty VII Remake Integrade, Marvel’s Avengers and many more. In this article you have the complete list, together with the subscription models and all the information about the new PS Plus.