Mystery solving rhythm action ADV APOPIA: Sweet Nightmare Delivered in the summer of 2023. Adventure in a cute animal country, boss battle in a disturbing back world

Happinet Co., Ltd. announced on July 19 that it will distribute the adventure game Apopia: Suite Nightmare (hereinafter, Apopia) in the summer of 2023. The development is Quillo Entertainment. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). Currently, the trial version, Apopia: PROLOGUE is being distributed.

Apopia is an adventure game that includes various gameplay elements set in the fantasy world. The Steam store page describes Action + Puzzle + Rhythm Game. In addition, the visual side is drawn with cute patterns, but the story seems to be hidden in the story.

The protagonist is Mai, a human girl. One day, she falls to the bottom of the hole during hiking with her mother. She wakes up in the cave, but she’s a rough memory, but she wants to return to her mother as soon as possible. Mai, looking for her way home, arrives at the Yogurt Kingdom at the end of the cave. It is the kingdom of animals speaking words. Various animals live, but are now dominated by the dictators, and animals other than rabbits are oppressed. Mai is in such a yogurt kingdom, and she looks for her return with friendship and hostility with her unique animal characters.

The player operates My and goes to an adventure. Events occurred due to surveys on the suspicious parts on the map and conversations with the characters. The story progresses. In order to go ahead or get items, you often need to solve mysteries on the way. In addition, although there are situations where fighting against enemies occurs, it is a system that controls the enemy with a mini game, not a direct battle.

In addition, the game seems to have a darker world as well as the Yogurt Kingdom. In this world, the background is a creepy atmosphere, such as changing the background to a pencil pain, and the color changes, and the situation is different from the normal world. Details are unknown, but here they will solve more psychological and serious mysteries. Also, in this world, it seems that the boss will fight with a rhythm game.

This work is a cute pattern, and it is likely to be a comedy story that involves dark elements. In trailers, Mai’s mother-like shadow suggests a disturbing development. As a story element, there seems to be the theme that Mai finds the truth about his family and his identity. In addition, the demonstration store page also states that it includes images that are not suitable for those who are easily offended. This work may hide a story that goes around the chest on the back of the cute visual. Currently, an animation depicting the past of the rabbit, Molly, the important character of the main story, is now being released as the day before the game.

Quillo Entertainment, which is developing this work, is an indie studio in Hong Kong. The studio, which was launched by two childhood friends, aims to make games with a deep story. This work Apopia is the first work of the studio. This work is also sold for Japan by Happinet Co., Ltd. This is the fourth title of Happinet Indie Collection, a label with the concept of selecting interesting indie games from all over the world and providing new experiences to Japanese game fans.

APOPIA: Sweet Nightmare will be distributed to PC (Steam) in the summer of 2023. Currently, the demonstration version Apopia: PROLOGUE is being distributed. It seems that you are looking for feedback from a demo version player for the product version, so if you are interested, why not play it?