[Interview] Run Teller, two server developers made

Open World Games have been considered exclusive to companies with large-scale personnel and capital. In particular, the RPG genre, which has a lot to worry about, was one of the difficult games for small developers. In recent years, however, many indie developers have introduced RPGs with original emotions, and in fact, some games have made great success in the world.

The domestic indie code life team, which I met this time, was stimulated by footheim and outword to create an open world multiplayer action RPG. Despite being a unique team composition of two server developers, I was able to feel the development of their game development beyond the admiration that I developed Rundeler in one year.

Until the game company’s server developer became a two-person indie development team, I met with Code Life’s Nam Kyung-hyun developer and Lee Tae-hyung developer to listen to the development story of Rundeler and the future.

Q. Please introduce a simple self-life team with the code life team.

Nam Kyung-hyun : Hello. This is Nam Kyung-hyun, a developer who posted in the developertory issue gallery. Lee Tae-hyung, a developer in the past, was in a smart gate and became acquainted and contacted.

While working in different domestic companies, I accidentally saw a prototype game that I Tae-hyung developed to study al1. At that time, I thought that I could sell it well when I completed it, so I told you to try it together.

Lee Tae-hyung : Hello. I am Lee Tae-hyung, a developer who is developing Rundeler with Nam Kyung-hyun developer.

Q. Do you know what you did before the founding of the code life team?

Nam Kyung-hyun : Before that, I worked as a server developer at Nexon Giti and NCsoft. I didn’t leave right from the beginning, but I went to the company and developed the game only on weekends. Since then, I thought it would be good to some extent, so I left the company in February of this year and became an indie developer.

Lee Tae-hyung : I was an intern at Naver and was a server developer at NCsoft after Naver.

Q. Both are from a server developer. Is server development and game development a little different?

Lee Tae-hyung : Yes. Client development and server development are very different, but we started developing while studying because we wanted to make it. At first, there are so many headings because there are too many professional fields. We are both server developers, so we can do each other and we can’t do it. Currently, I divide the parts, editing images, UI, and the like, and Nam Kyung-hyun developers are in charge of balancing and combat.

Q. In fact, it would not have been easy to give up a stable job and fully work as an indie developer. Is there a decisive reason for the development of Rundeller?

Lee Tae-hyung : We’re thirty years old this year. As you get older, your responsibility increases. If I was married, I thought I would not be able to make a game we want to make later. So before I was in my mid 30s, I wanted to make my own game.

Nam Kyung-hyun : I was in a similar state. And when I saw the prototype made by Lee Tae-hyung, I thought I made it really well. If you are a developer, you may think that you want to make your own game, but there aren’t many developers who can do it. But Lee Tae-hyung was doing it, so I thought it would come out with any result with this friend.

Q. The team name is very unique. What is the meaning of code life?

Lee Tae-hyung : When we went to work, I thought this project was another life. So at first I started with a project name called Another Life. However, since then, Nam Kyung-hyun, a developer, likes the name of life, so both of us are developers.

Nam Kyung-hyun : When I think of the team name, I threw things and just heard it. I’m really satisfied with the name of the developer.

Q. The posts posted on the developer Open Issue Gallery have become a hot topic in developer. Did you think you could get this much attention from the beginning?

Nam Kyung-hyun : I really didn’t know it. We want to know the game as much as possible. Even though I want to write in various communities, most of the bulletin boards have a clause that prohibits advertising in the bulletin board rules. In the meantime, the Open Issue Gallery saw that there was no such condition, so I posted it.

Q. Let’s talk about the game in earnest. What kind of game is Rundeler?

Nam Kyung-hyun : If you express Runteller in one line, we call ‘Open World Multi-Play Action RPG’. I developed it as a focus, and I put it one by one that I wanted to say that it was the strength of our game.

Runteller is a story game with endings. Users can freely travel around the open world field, collect, produce, and combat, and include RPG elements that meet NPCs to conduct various quests. You can enjoy these activities with multiplayer. We tried to capture as much as possible so that we didn’t have enough to enjoy.

Q. Open world games are important for maps. What is the size of the current open world?

Nam Kyung-hyun : It is divided into six areas. The village, which is adjacent to the tutorial area, consists of forests and grasslands. Beyond the mid-game, there are areas where you have to go by boat, such as the desert and volcanic area, swamp and fog, and snowy snowy mountains. At the center is also called Kings Mountain. It’s about 30 minutes to jump to the end of the map in the tutorial area.

Q. Is there a game that was specially inspired by the development process?


Lee Tae-hyung : We started with courage after seeing footheim and outword. Valheim has five teams and two outwords, but I made an RPG, so I thought it would be nice to try that attempt in Korea. So at first I tried to benchmark the two games.

As I developed, I resemble the most favorite games. Our favorite games are Zelda, Monster Hunter, and Skyrim. We have brought some parts you want to contain in these games and have gradually developed into a multiplayer game with our own color.

Q. The games mentioned as an example are somewhat difficult. What is the difficulty of Runteller?

Nam Kyung-hyun : Our game is not easy, so you can choose difficulty. Easy, normal, difficulty is divided into three stages, and you can change the difficulty at any time during the game. The monster’s attack power is different for each difficulty, but you can feel it. In addition, the difficulty is automatically adjusted depending on the number of people in accordance with the multiplayer game.

I think I can die often when I play the game. In order to eliminate the penalty for dying, we have made various devices such as free adjustment of the resurrection position by installing the campfire. I tried a lot of efforts to re-challenge as much as possible.

Oh, and I didn’t have a friend in the comment, so I was worried about whether it would be fun to play al1. In Rundeller, you can summon the mercenary NPC with a skill concept for a while to attract aggro or fight together. It’s a single-play skill that you made to make a role as if you were playing a party.

Q. There are six regions before, but are there unique features and boss monsters in each region?

Nanjing Prefecture : There are no early regions in each region, but there are characteristics of debuffs in the latter part of the desert, volcanic, swamps, and snowy mountains. In addition, it is divided into two terrain in the region, and the end of the main story is to be accessible in the second half.

Lee Tae-hyung : There are story bosses in large areas such as deserts, volcanoes, swamps, and snow. In addition to the story boss, field bosses are also present in all areas. The field boss intended to be capable of catching it naturally by holding it to hold the equipment before proceeding with the main quest or setting it as a goal of a special quest.

Q. If so, is it a way to hunt boss monsters and get better equipment.

Nam Kyung-hyun : Designed to make weapons with a production system. It’s a way to make the top weapon with the ingredients you get by knocking down the monster. The collection of ingredients is not a user who has entered the gathering and production when RPG is not a user, so it gives a sense of interacting in the open world, but it is simply made not to bother to the user. Just walk on the road and press the gathering button to enter the bag.

Lee Tae-hyung : Somewhat unfavorable ways are divided. If you use it in battle, it can be broken. So I designed to get a new weapon every time. Each monster also drops its own weapons, but in fact, in order for users to grow,