They explain why HBO Max has been discarding platform films

In these last hours a lot of controversy has been generated in HBO Max , streaming platform that has already canceled some projects at the door, among them was the exclusive Batgirl tape. And it seems that this will not be the end of the content withdrawal, since they plan to rule out more tapes in the future, which will not see daylight.

Among the eliminated projects are MoNshot with Cole Sprouse and Zach Braff on the star paper, SuperintenTelligence with Melissa McCarthy, the 2020 reboot of The Witches, An American Pickle with by Seth Rogen, Locked Down with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway, as well as Charm City Kings. Which retired in the past months.

An informant of media such as Variety , mentioned that these are part of a long list of films and series that will be taken out of HBO Max and Discovery+. The content that is sought to eliminate tend to be programs and films that do not work in the service but that have the opportunity to partially cancel, which is why they are eliminated at this time.

This content of content in HBO max is an example of differentiating strategies between the new boss Zaslav and the old one, Jason Kilar. Zaslav , which Supervises Warner Bros. Discovery **. So if more programs are eliminated, it is something that should not surprise.

To this is added the next fusion that will have HBO Max and Discovery +. Now the main approach of the company being the great budget experiences for the cinema. So sets or superhero movies planned for the platform could be canceled without problem.