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Open World Survival RPG SOLACE CRAFTING There is no clear goal, but there are too many things to do [Special repo]

GAME*SPARK’s freshly picked-up Steam indie games.

Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so. Therefore, it is this project ** freshly squeezed! I would like to deliver the actual content clearly. If you want to see the rich playpo, don’t forget the explosive speed play repo.

This time, the survival RPG Solace Craft is attractive with Enhanced Character-Create, Literally Open World, and Infinite Growth Elements.


This work is an open world survival RPG designed by Big Kitty Games, which is a single developer. Adventure in an endless world, you will build your favorite building in your favorite place.

Clear goals such as defeating the Demon King, Revival of the town, and becoming the strongest are not in this work , but you can spend your days just, try dungeons and seek valuable equipment. Good, how to play is available for each player. In other words, doesn’t have to hurry, but there’s a lot to do .

KYLE POSTLEWAIT, a developer who lives in a Japanese rural town, started early access in 2018, despite the bottom of the savings balance, and has been officially released on August 2, 2022. The development is still continuing, and we are promised to add future content and improve QOL. Let’s introduce the points of the charm of this work that continues to evolve!

Story Points Part 1! Enriched character creation

First, let’s take a look at the cocke creation before the world generation. Gender can be selected by men or women. You can set parts such as the head, face, upper body, and lower body in detail.

I didn’t expect much before playing, but when I looked at it, I was surprised. In terms of head, you can change not only the adjustment of eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, as well as jaws, foreheads, and gill size. In addition, body makeup is also free. You can enjoy free character creations that are allowed only in the fantasy world.

In addition, various items can be changed in the world settings. You can play too much, such as the growth speed of the vegetation, the change in the status of the enemy and ally, and the adjustment of each biome generation.

Story Points Part 2! Open world that can be literally go anywhere

By the way, if you get down to the new world, you can do whatever you want from here. There is no story and there is no destination , so act as your instinct goes.

However, it is true that if you do not know how to play, there is no help for it. First, let’s proceed with the tutorial displayed at the right end of the screen. In the same genre of the same genre, which is often used in the genre of survival, you can learn kind and polite teachings in this work.

If you learn how to play, you will want to explore the vast world in front of you. This work is literally an open world world where you can go anywhere. Looking over the horizon and looking at ** all the visible range is amazing, it is amazing that it is amazing, but the limit point is not even known. The current known range is over 1,000,000 kilometers, and the longest distance the player reaches is 22,617 km.

You might think, If this is so wide, the reality is Sukasuka? The world is divided by biome, like Minecraft. There is no place where there is no place where the entry is not allowed in this work, such as the mountainous area that is snowy from the grasslands where the grass is growing, the desert area, the desert area, and the swamp area where mangrove and mushrooms grow.

In addition, dungeons, monoliths, caves, etc. are automatically generated in various places. All of them have powerful monsters, but if you reach the innermost, you can acquire high-level equipment and recipes.

In addition, all the items of this work have a tier , and the more you go far from the initial respawn point, the more you can get the equipment and resources of highitia. By building a facility called Solace, it is possible to warp between Solace in an instant.

Story Points Part 3! Infinite growth element

This work, which has not only survival elements but also the side of RPG, grows various status and skills. For example, mining ore, mining skills, harvesting skills are sewn if you collect plants, and if you sew clothes, tailoring skills will increase.

If each level goes up, you can assign points to increase your action speed or release new recipes. In addition, you can learn a wide variety of active skills and passive skills that can be used in swords, bow, rods, etc., and it is necessary to have 1200 skill points to learn all the skills in the whole battle in general . By the way, to learn all craft-related skills, 1479 , 320 ** points are required for harvesting.


In addition, status, such as the power, agility, and wisdom of increasing the attack power of maximum HP, stamina, near and long-range, can be assigned as much as possible . In other words, infinite!

Solace Crafting has infinite possibilities. But to find that possibility, you have to overcome some drawbacks.

This work is too free, so if you don’t know what to do, just proceed with the tutorial will make it less change, there will be NPCs that will kindly teach you, and there are towns that are the basket base. It is not the case. However, it will finally be interesting to get over the early stages, touch on various factors, and understand.

The graphics, operability, and the inconvenience of UI, which are not good, are hidden in the good content, but are one of the factors that lead to the user’s unpopularity. The developer knows that point, and the company will hire a professional creator and improve it in the future. In addition, about 1/3 of Japanese is implemented ** in Japanese not supported in the store page display, and the minimum required UI is supported.

The content introduced this time is still part of the basics. More and NPCs, more high-more points, multi-players, boss battles, fishing, etc. are all implemented. The update of this work is still scheduled, and the official discord server and the Steam community have been actively exchanged for developers and users. If you are interested, why not join the community and leave the infinite spreading world?