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How Covered a Novel with Spirit in Hooked On You: DBD Dating Sim

Hooked on You is a dream embodiment for everyone who is fond of Dead by Daylight and dating simulators. As if Behavior Interactive created this game specifically for us. Storing on a paradise tropical island, you have to win the heart of one of four dreamy killers. Having made an obvious choice to take care of the spirit, you will go on a dizzying three-day romantic journey. Here’s how to conquer her heart and keep her in her chest.

How to seduce the spirit in Hooked on You: DBD DATING SIM

1 day

  • If you need to choose your favorite taste of ice cream, give in and select chips with mint.
  • Select to relax in the bar.
  • Drink the virgin Daikiri.
  • When she asks about your favorite book on a uninhabited island, choose decula.
  • Congratulations, you got to your first mini-game! Time to challenge fate and continue to reboot the game until you get three matches with The Spirit.
  • When it comes to the next mini-game, do not type the highest score. Obtaining an excellent result will only impress a catcher. Performing the medium will bring you closer to the spirit.
  • When the spirit begins to restore your health and begins to manifest nihilism, tell her: You have always been alone.
  • When the spirit asks what you have inside, answer: Nothing but darkness.
  • At the fire, choose a spirit to tell a story. At the end of her story, select Don’t Say anything. Hug her.
  • When you plunge into a hot bath with a spirit, she will ask if you believe her. Say: Who is it worried?
  • At the end of the night, ask the Spirit to lie with you by the fire.

Day 2

  • At the beginning of the second day, you will have a choice between spirit and other killer on a date. Obviously, we will choose The Spirit.
  • Sitting in the presence of a black lighthouse, you will need to make several options. You will need the following:
    • Thanks
    • Of course, why not?
    • Ask about the fragments of glass sticking out of it.
  • When the ghost and spirit begin to penetrate into it, choose the spirit.
  • As with any discussion of philosophy, the best answer is disappointment.
  • At dinner, when you are asked to tell about the past day, choose be modest.
  • Despite the pressure from the group, do not give in. Choose I’m not one of those who tell stories.
  • When the group demands more from you, select Love.

* Instead of the night to be a complete failure, ask the spirit to tell a story.
* When the time comes to choose an evening date, select The Spirit.
* When you are asked if you drink, select stay sober and order a drink for dark and stormy.
* To complete the second day, eliminate any killer, except for the spirit.

Day 3

  • Give flowers to the spirit.
  • After you are warned in detail, choose go up, maybe you will die.
  • Seeing the dramatic completion of the relationship of the catcher and spirit, choose Say something.

  • When the catcher begins to interrogate you, use this convenient cheat sheet:
    • Rin Yamoaka
    • The Dragon
    • Restaurant
    • Black
    • Do not be noticed for who you are.
  • Now you have a chance to take revenge on the chronically interfering Dwight.
    • If you are a heartless villain, spare Dwight and choose I have never loved you.

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