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Gamescom 2022: Thunderful Spiele-Line

All of these titles will certainly be usable at the reasonable, so that the public at Gamescom 2022 will certainly have the opportunity for the very first time to play a lot of these hotly anticipated titles. Considering that this is the biggest state of Thunderful at the fair thus far, there is something for everybody, due to the fact that there are a variety of titles that stand for PC, PlayStation, Xbox as well as Switch.

Thunderful enjoys to reveal an interesting line-up of 9 titles that are to be presented at Gamescom 2022. The Gamescom 2022 Stand of Thunderful lies in Hall 8.1 Stand number: B-021.

Planet of Lana

Raced through the waves, turn with your network of home roofs and defeat an old arc enemy to conserve the citizens of the islands. And all of this with a little help from the darkness down there-and your eccentric granny.

LEGO Bricktales

Planet of Lana plays on a foreign world as well as tells the story of Lana and her dedicated animal companion Mui, that get started on a rescue objective to save her sis. This touching tale is experienced by the lens of a motion picture side-scrolling gameplay style, while the gamers check out a vibrant world filled with awesome atmospheres, dangerous makers and also odd creatures.

Togges, an all new IP from Normal Studio, which shows up in 2022 for the PC as well as console, is a attractive and one-of-a-kind 3D stack type video game, which manages dispersing as well as piling adorable dices (additionally understood as Togges). Explore the game technicians, integrates different colors and also abilities of the togges to discover new and unanticipated methods, to resolve puzzles, cross the world as well as connect with the characters.

Research the ocean blue and also the rotting island chain of Strandville in Wavetale, an action journey with history, in which annoying fisherman, mysterious hermit-and perhaps one or the various other pirates-gets to understand. As Sigrid, a young woman that pals with a mystical darkness who offers her the strength to walk over the water, cross her calm water and swing waves.

Togges is crammed with degrees with an open end in awesome settings: from an advanced city in the savannah to a realm that is composed totally of carrot cake-the world is undoubtedly a odd and also fantastic location! With its funny story, the ingenious gameplay as well as the sensational visuals, Togges is the dream of every stack developing fan.

The gamers start this stone-for-stone adventure with the task of discovering the unusual joy stones that drive the weird extraterrestrial technology that is required to save the entertainment park of your grandfather. You take a trip to all corners of the world to solve problems and also help people-and all with your robot buddy in tow!



From the gameplay viewpoint, Planet of Lana is an experience loaded with daring jump ‘n’ runs, exciting problems, amazing stealth series and also a companion mechanics that connects Lana and Mui and thus allows unique gameplay and tale moments, in whom you use your skills together.

Wavetale is a third-person action adventure with gorgeous graphics, a heartfelt story as well as a stimulating soundtrack. Introduced tales from the past, conserves the islanders from mystical sea animals and uncovers secrets that are concealed under the surface area.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia

Swordship is asking the question: What would certainly a shooter up appear like if you left the shootout? The solution is an extensive evasive video game in which the positioning is every little thing. While you are competing through a post-apocalyptic, flooded earth and also being gone after by opponent pressures, you have to make a means in between the opponents as well as their attacks and also get them with skilled movements to change off each other.


The Last Hero of Nostalgaia lies in a world that celebrates computer game fond memories, as well as integrates the facility systems and the dark appearances of its soul-like good example with a wicked tale that is informed by a negative narrator who attempts, the world, the world To save from the pixel plague, buffooned at every turn.

Nostalgaia is the world of video clip games that falls down in reverse into a strange pixelation. Every little thing discolors nothing: also the memories of our proud, precious video games are shed. Currently that our commitment has actually virtually gone away and also we are regarding to die out, there is wish to safeguard itself.

The game uses reasonable yet hard fights, a fascinating, traditional narrative auto mechanics as well as also an on the internet co-op mode. The Last Hero of Nostalgaia takes up the best of the games that influenced it, as well as at the same time supplies a cutting-edge as well as humorous variation of the category.

When the ugliest pixelated hero that has ever before appeared in Nostalgaia, you have to hammer out an army of brainless locals that occupy the deteriorated world while you need to sustain the disrespects as well as decreases of a narrator who dislikes your existence.

It plays in a world in which the repercussions of worldwide warming have actually forced most of mankind to look for haven in three big undersea cities. Those that are driven out of the cities barely survive in the burned country. In the meantime, the mega cities exchange countless containers with products every day. You play among the few citizens that are prepared to steal these valuable containers as well as provide the displaced people with important items.

Paper Cut Manor


Paper cut offers you the possibility to define your playing design by opening new abilities as well as discovering brand-new tools that give you a much better opportunity of understanding the difficulties that every procedurally generated attempt will attend to you.

A dimension-hopping system makes certain additional voltage, with which you can leap backward and forward in between alternate versions of the same scene to alter the appearances and also gameplay.

Order the horns of Nate, the satanic force of bad taste, in Hell Pie, a salacious 3D platformer in retro design, which is currently readily available for computer, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Your task is to gather the disgusting active ingredients for Satan’s notorious birthday celebration cake. Attempt in the top world and also do every little thing that is essential to ensure that the ingredients are looked after in time, or heck will certainly begin!

A brand-new world to check out! Gather resources as you discover this step-by-step world either alone or with buddies! Do you require an extra challenge? While the world is mostly relaxed externally, just the bravest travelers will certainly get in the dark dungeons that are spread throughout the world and defeat the horrors that live in it. Legendary target is waiting on those who venture into the abyss.

Come to Tinkertown-a revitalizing new multiplayer sandbox experience! Grab your shovel, your pointed hacke and also your sword and go into Tinkertown’s worlds. A magical place loaded with creativity, danger and also prey awaits you. Constructed your own village-from small huts to excellent castles and settlements.

Nostalgaia is the world of video clip games that breaks down in reverse into a strange pixelation. It plays in a world in which the repercussions of worldwide warming have forced many of humankind to look for sanctuary in three gigantic underwater cities. A brand-new world to explore! While the world is primarily calm on the surface, just the bravest explorers will certainly get in the dark dungeons that are spread all over the world and beat the scaries that live in it. Risk in the upper world as well as do whatever that is needed to guarantee that the active ingredients are taken care of in time, or heck will begin!

In Paper Cut Manor you play the function of Toby, an authorities investigator that arrives on the road that leads to the old guy of the exact same name. You will check your investigator abilities while trying to have a hard time the story behind this peculiar area.

With every run, you have the choice of accumulating one more item of evidence that you can connect to the evidence. The interesting personalities that you meet on your expedition trip can help or impede you: Some use you quests that bring you valuable benefits, others attempt to hide and also others are targeting you.

Together, Nate as well as Nugget check out wild atmospheres, meet loads of disgusting enemies and also characters as well as come to be witnesses of some actually stunning views in this seriously twisted version of the traditional mascot platform.

Heck Pie