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LOL: The strange classification of G2 eSports to the 2022 Worlds that can still improve

G2 Esports has taken advantage of the special circumstances of the European League of Legends competition to become the first team in the world capable of qualifying for the Worlds 2022 **. The samurais have achieved it after achieving a very forceful victory against Misfits Gaming. The triumph assures the organization to end Rogue and occupy one of the first four positions of the table, sufficient merit to lead a score that takes into account both the performance in the spring playoffs and the final position in the season in the season Summer regular.

The G2 Carambola Esports to ensure the Worlds 2022

The requirements that G2 Esports have had to meet to mathematically qualify for the world championship are very particular. The organization has benefited from related elements but that are not necessarily the same. On the one hand, there is the suspension of League of Legends tournaments in Russia. This fact left a vacant place in the 2022 Worlds that Riot Games delivered to the European region. It had nothing to do with geographical proximity, but the company rewarded the old continent for being the best region in the last two years that sent less than four teams to the World Cup.

To the decision of Riot Games we must add the European competitive points system . The final classification of the Summer Split of LEC determines which six teams will go to the playoffs, but not in what order. To know which team starts in each dorsal you have to go to a score that takes into account both spring and summer performance. A system that normally does not have much relevance, but that this year seems crucial and to which a fact must still be added. We refer to the playoff format , as sensational in conventional years as little lustrous when Europe has the opportunity to send four teams to the world championship.

The problem that the format has, which the fans have already complained throughout the season, is that it guarantees the team that starts as a first classified to end at least in the fourth position. In the years in which only three teams classify world or spring seasons this means nothing, but in these special conditions it makes one of the organizations achieve its placed in the Worlds before facing the phase of best of five . Undeniable, this situation makes the final phase lose the occasional interesting game, although as G2 ESports has been the beneficiary on this occasion Rogue was in 2020.

G2 Esports can still round your season

Rarely a sports format required so much explanation, but I promise you that we are about to end. What G2 Esports has achieved is to ensure its place in the play-in of the Worlds 2022. This is the event prior to the beginning of the final phase in which the worst sets of the major leagues compete with the best located in the minor regions. However, Flakked or CAPS boys are not convicted of having to fight in the previous phase. While mathematics guarantees at least the fourth position, of to reach the game for the title of LEC 2022 a ticket will be secured to the group stage.

The classification of G2 eSports to the 2022 Worlds has occurred in a somewhat strange way, but it is not an anomaly. Since the club entered the maximum European competition, only the 2021 World Cup has been lost, having participated with this in six editions of the tournament. In this way, it will be the seventh team that has played the tournament most times, being able to ascend positions in case Edward Gaming or T1 fail to secure their place.