Final fantasy xiv

All types of vehicles in Tower of Fantasy

When it comes to moving along the AID planet, you have many options in Tower of Fantasy. You can travel on foot and visit all the magnificent regions that the planet offers. You can also use a reactive satchel to rise to the hill and safely go down. But if you want to travel quickly, you will need a vehicle. This may make you think about all vehicles in Tower of Fantasy.

Fantasy Tower-All Cars


  • Opens as part of the main plot in chapter 1.


  • Unlocked as part of awards for preliminary registration.


  • Unlocked after receiving a magnetic rod and an attacker on a magnetic suspension.

Omnium Beast VII

  • Unlocked after receiving the Omnium Beast, Omnium Beast: Left Arm and Omnium Beast: Right Arm.


  • It is unlocked after receiving the Voyager engine, Voyager engine, Voyager Office and Voyager Corps.


  • Is unlocked after receiving the power nucleus of a unicorn, a bionic frame of a unicorn, cyber infinctions of a unicorn and a unicorn head.

will give user

  • Award for the rank of Grand-Marshal the Premier League.



  • Unlocked upon receipt of Mechbird: Head, Mechbird: Torso, Mechbird: Legs and Machbird: Core.

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