Nintendo has the right to sue descendants

Something for which Nintendo has become a living meme in the video game industry are his constant demands to content creators, this because of the raid videos of his games and also music in Youtube material . And now, a new clause is reported that could be somewhat ridiculous to apply, but in the end it is mentioned that it is a reality.

According to the Japanese company itself, if copyright is violated, the defendant will have to comply with the infraction, it does not matter if he is alive, dead, missing, or even in the terminal phase. That gives the right to bring the demand to their direct relatives, whether spouses, children, or who are somehow linked to the person who made the crime.

This is what Wesley Baker commented, user who discovered the infringement-related clause:


It’s quite crazy when you get involved. I mean, I am not sure how other companies handle this kind of thing, but Nintendo has the right to harass, bother and demand directly to anyone with whom you, the user, be related or associated. This will be done at the exclusive expense of the poorest of you, the user’s immediate family. We don’t care in the least if you are dead or not. I mean, damn it, man. Looks a lot like. I still click on ‘I accept’, but damn it.

This is what he mentioned Nintendo regarding his agreements, specifically the CEO of United States, Doug Bowser :

Here in Nintendo we know that our decisions are not always popular, but we do what we should to maintain the integrity of our brand. If that means demanding your older grandchildren that you did not even have the opportunity to meet on the ground because you edited the dialogue of Link to the Past and shared it with your friends, then I fear that this is the problem, the cost of being A healthy game company.

Now with this clause, maybe users reflect a little more before hacking consoles, hacking programs, specifically monetizing music, or making money at the expense of the company. Exaggerated methods, which could bear fruit in the future.