The best sets of Aggemon GO aggregron

Pokémon Go has several particularly strong Pokemon. One of these Pokemon, Aggron, is a reliable fighter and defender in most scenarios due to his strong set of movements and a long list of resistance. To take advantage of the power of this Pokemon and other powerful monsters like him, players need to know the best techniques that can be equipped with a fighter.

The best techniques for Genesect in Pokémon Go

Aggron is a steel and stone-type Pokemon, so the best movements will fall into these two types to get a Stab attack bonus.

Note : moves with an asterisk (*) receive a bonus from an attack of the same type (STAB) and inflict increased damage.

Best attacking techniques of aggregron

The best protective techniques of Aggron

All possible attacks by aggregron in Pokémon Go

Fast attacks


charged attacks

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