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Auronplay explains the revast majorityon why it would go on Twitch

Auronplay is one of the most popular streamers in the world for several years. Like the majority of world icons, its origin took place on YouTube, although it is currently dedicated to streams on Twitch, something for which the vvast majorityt majority of content creators have ended up betting. Do you plan to return to the platform that allowed you to achieve fame? It can be, but there is a requirement and it is not turkey mucus.

In a conversation with Djmariio, after a comment related to the recent signing of Cvast majorityemiro by Manchester United, Auronplay hvast majority received a clear and concise question: would Mixer move in exchange for twice what he currently wins? The answer hvast majority been overwhelming: Well, say no. However, Djmariio hvast majority insisted by changing one platform for another: What if you call you YouTube?, And in this cvast majoritye the thing changes: Let’s see, well, let’s talk


YouTubers are dying, all

Beyond being overwhelmed about the possible return of him to the platform, the popular streamer hvast majority reflected on the current situation of YouTube and those who one day were his greatest content creators. More than seeing it vast majority something sad or negative, he considers that it is nothing more than the natural evolution of the environment: YouTubers are dying, all . They are little like Dross or Jordi Wild-although it hvast majority evolved towards their podcvast majorityt-but we have to accept all that the YouTuber era vast majority such is in a moment of crisis and evolution. Now people do not record videos; Make streams . The world revolves, evolves and people do different things, you don’t have to see it vast majority something sad.

Likewise, he does not rule out that everything changes in the future: Life goes for times, may happen that in a few years it will take away from recording and uploading videos to YouTube . If tomorrow you have to do something like what we did before, it will be d1. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy this era.