Path of exile

Genshin Impact Rhythm leading to the gloomy path of World Quest Vasara Tree Dream Domain Guide

The rhythm leading to the gloomy path is the local task to the poute, which is part of Aranaka: Part II is the children’s dreams World quest line. After you get rid of wilting inside the gloomy path in the forest, you will be asked to explore the trees inside the Ashvatt hall. Then Aram will invite you to go into the dream of Vasara’s tree to find the fruit of Vasoma.

How to carry out Ashvattha’s meeting domain Vasara in the world task Rhythm leading to the gloomy path POMER to Genshin Impact

Follow the marker of the quest to the giant tree in the back of the cave, then interact with a luminous study point to cause a dialogue with Arama. Be sure to prepare a combat-ready team, then select a dialogue option. (stretch your hand to the Vasar tree…) For teleportation to the domain.

Inside the domain, get rid of all mushrooms in the clearing to unlock the first primitive rosin. Do not forget to interact with the plant to choose it! As soon as this is done, use vintage lyre in front of the hollow play the rhythm of the gloomy path: mi> re> ms> re> la . Go through the portal and complete the riddle of Dendrograna onions. A favorable branch can be found in the cave on the right-do not forget to defeat mushrooms on the way.

After completing the puzzle, shooting at floating objects from Dendrograna, the barrier blocking the primitive rosin will disappear. Interact with the plant to get the second primitive rosin. Then enter the cave next to the portal.


Mushrooms will appear in the clearing inside. Defeat them all and use vintage lyre before the hollow play the rhythm of the gloomy path: ms> re> mi> re> la . Go through the portal and interact with the mushroom in front of you to create a bridge. Go to the other side.

You will land in front of the bushes. Use ordinary attack to get rid of the leaves on the way, opening the path leading to the third and last primitive rosin. Do not forget to pick it up! After that, interact with the mushroom so that four-leaf presses appear. Use the signs of four leaves to move up until you get to the orange gate.

Stand in front of the orange gate until all three primitive rosins are merged with them, then interact with them to activate . Go on the road that will open and defeat Cast Nightmare, as well as other mushrooms that appear. As soon as you finish, select the fruit of Vasoma next to Arama to complete the local task.

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