Nail the audience in the Azomedia distribution solution -If you arrange this, you will be a streamer from tomorrow!

In recent years, it has become easy to distribute, but I also say, I don’t know which equipment to buy! You can hear a lot around you. In this article, we will introduce the distribution solution of AVERMEDIA, which is widely used for distribution products and is easy to handle even for beginners.

What do you need for a streamer?

The most important equipment in game distribution is audio interface and microphone for PC games. In addition, if you want to distribute gameplay on a console machine, you will need a capture unit that can enter HDMI.

However, in the distribution only on the game screen, it will be buried in rival content. In order to show individuality, the approach of face-to-face and hand-distributed is also important, so in addition to webcams and cameras that can connect to HDMI, the holders and stands that can mount each cannot be removed. It is better to clear the sound quality as much as possible.

Averter media has such a product

The Aman’s product lineup has all the high-performance products required for distribution, including audio interfaces, video capture units and web cameras. It’s okay if you hold it down from it! Pick up some items and introduce them.

1080p60 Wide Angle WebCam PW315

First of all, web cameras are essential for giving game distribution. The PW315, which has a wide angle of view of 95 degrees and supports 1080p/60fps, can be concentrated on important points by focusing on important points with the digital bread tilt zoom function.

With the dedicated software CAMENGINE, you can fully control the features on the webcam, such as AI frames and noise canceling, can be controlled. The mounting clip attached to the main unit can be firmly fixed to the top of the display, and the direction of the camera can be changed as much as possible.


If you use the BU113, a video capture that can connect a digital SLR camera or a video camera, it can be recorded in 4K/30fps and 2K/60fps. It is a product that is suitable for users who want to shoot higher quality images. It can be used not only to reflect yourself, but also to connect to a smartphone and shoot outdoors.

This product is compatible with the dedicated software CAMENGINE and Recentral, and has an EPTZ function. In addition, you can distribute video and audio to PCs to your PC, and distribute gameplay on your smartphone.


The audio interface, which is the key to distribution, has an AX310, a built-in control center, which can be easily operated even during a USB connection. At the time of distribution, the volume balance that you can easily hear and the optimal balance you want to put on the distribution may be different, but this product can control them individually. Even if you need complex settings while using many equipment, you can only use the AX310.


The dynamic microphone AM330 is all made by metal and is highly robust, so it can be used with confidence. The attached cable is an XLR terminal and cannot be connected directly to the PC, so it is best to use it in conjunction with the AX310 with the XLR terminal. Many streakers prefer a condenser type that picks up fine sounds, despite the types of microphones. However, even with a dynamic type such as the AM330, the sound is not bad, so it properly picks up the voice in front of the microphone, and it is difficult to pick up noise such as keyboards, so if you can make extra sounds, distributors who do not want to pick up. Ideal for. There is also a microphone arm BA311 that makes it easier to adjust the position of the microphone during distribution.

Live Gamer Ultra GC553

If you want to connect a console machine, the GC553, a game capture unit, is recommended. It also supports recording of 4K/30fps and 2K/120fps. It also has a 4K/60P HDR pass-through function, and if it is a device that supports UVC, it is automatically recognized just by connecting, and there is no need to install a driver. Due to the software encoding support, a low delay that is as close to 0 as possible is realized, and the play screen will not be displayed delayed. Recentral, which can customize the distribution screen, is also included, and it is also possible to perform a picture-in-picture or chroma key synthesis, and distribute multi-distribution to various video distribution services as it is.

What is the actual feeling of use?


Let’s actually use the product. First of all, from the latest webcam PW315.

The feature of this unit is that it can be recorded in a wide angle of view of 95 degrees. At the time of distribution, it is possible to trim only the necessary parts, so it feels very convenient. Because it is 60fps compatible, we were able to capture more smooth images.

Also, those who are worried are that they come with a privacy shutter. It is mounted next to the lens, just slide it when not in use and hide the lens part. It is a very nice function for those who care about it.

You can freely rotate the direction of the camera in the horizontal direction, but the bottom of the mounting clip has a 1/4 screw hole for a tripod, not only from the top of the display, but also from a mini tripod. It also supports shooting. The body itself was very stable.

The driver will be installed automatically just by connecting this, but the plug-in Camengine that can add effects and filters will not be overlooked in a unique distribution. CAMENGINE allows not only basic images such as brightness and contrast, but also skin correction and decorative effects that are on SNS. Even if the PC specifications are not too high, it is also a Maru that moves crispy.


The video capture BU113 is a device that connects digital SLRs and video cameras. Although it is not easier than the PW315 mentioned above, it is suitable for users who want to shoot beautiful images, which are the current trends.

It is ideal for distributors who have already prepared a full-fledged distribution environment and will prepare it in the future. I tried it with the camera I usually use, but I was able to connect easily.

It is a great advantage for users who are distributed mainly in images. Furthermore, in the recent trend of game distribution settings, the camera video can be distributed at the same 60fps. Beautiful and smooth camera images are easy for viewers to draw, so I want to distribute one rank higher! Recommended for those who say.


The AX310 is a built-in control center consisting of 6 knobs, 4 buttons and a 5-inch touch panel. Each input can be adjusted with six knobs, and it can be mute by pushing it in without turning it. The button can be assigned any operation from the dedicated software. In addition to the volume of the touch panel, the volume is visually displayed, but by touching it, you can switch between mute, monitor and distribution audio, adjust the master volume of Windows, and switch to any operation from the software. increase. The knob has a strong click feeling, and the button has a soft touch with a click feeling, making it very fun to operate.


The dynamic microphone AM330 has the impression that the sound collection range is appropriate and the sound quality is just for talk. By twisting the knobs provided on the side, you can adjust the hardness of the microphone angle adjustment. The angle of the microphone itself was quite wide, and I felt that it was easy to turn my direction in any position. In addition, the BA311 of the microphone arm is loose when the AM330 is attached in the initial state, but it can be adjusted to the hardness that is easy to use by tightening with the attached hexagon wrench. As a writer, I often hear that the microphone stand is too loose and the microphone falls on my own, and it is a very good impression that I can tighten it until it stops.


The palm-sized game capture unit GC553 contains three terminals of HDMI input / output and USB3.1 terminal in a compact body. If you connect a game console to the HDMI input side, the HDMI output side goes to the display, and connect to the PC with USB3.1, it is very easy to use immediately after the driver is automatically installed. After that, install the Recentral of the dedicated software and set up various settings to complete the capture preparation.

Products that can achieve high quality with ease of quality

The first thing I felt when I actually used it was the simplicity that many products can be used just by connecting. Of course, multifunctional products need to be installed separately, and if you want to use the attached function fully, you may need to install a plug-in. However, if you want to continue shooting, process the shooting with another software, or continue to use the distribution software you have used so far, you will not need a special software, so you can easily introduce it. It will be.

What I felt particularly good was that the size of products that do not need to be operated on a daily basis is small. These things are basically connected to the back of the PC or display, so you want to make them as compact as possible. On the other hand, the mixer that needed to be adjusted at any time was designed to be intuitive and easy to touch, and there was no erroneous operation, and the convenience of the small parts was outstanding.

Even users who are trying to deliver for the first time will be able to use it almost without hesitation.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 also unveiled the latest products

At the Tokyo Game Show 2022, Azomedia will be exhibited at the 2nd Hall N17. Not only can you experience all the products introduced in this article, but there is also a show of the GC550 Plus successor.

In addition, the general day will also be distributed on business trips for games. Check other latest information on official website **.

The price of the product introduced in this article is as follows.

1080P60 Wide Angle WebCam PW315 (Web Camera): 18,500 yen (tax included)

LIVE STREAMER CAP 4K BU113 (Video Capture): 14,980 yen (tax included)

LIVE STREAMER AX310 (Control Center): 39,600 yen (tax included)

LIVE STREAMER MIC 330 AM330 (Dynamic Mike): 11,000 yen (tax included)

LIVE STREAMER ARM BA311 (Mike Arm): 15,840 yen (tax included)

Live Gamer Ultra GC553 (Game Capture Unit): 33,880 yen (tax included)

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