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A player who aimed at Minecraft and The Worlds Lastest on foot. What is the challenge of 2500 hours?

It seems that Minecraft had a challenge to keep walking to the limit of the world. The end of the long-term challenge has been a big topic. GamesRadar + etc. reported.

Minecraft is a popular craft sandbox game. Players explore the world, collect materials, create tools, and expand their actions. The world (world) of this work is built by automatic production with various types of blocks. It spreads not only on the ground but also on the basement on a large scale. Although the size of the world varies depending on the platform, the vast world is expanding that many players can take the creativity of many players.

This work has been held with a variety of challenges by content creators with creativity. It seems that there was an act of achieving the challenge of aiming for the end of the world. Influencer Jake Lucky has been introducing and attracting much attention.

The challenge was held by Twitch distributor MysticalMidget. His walking plains have a number of tears, and unusual terrain is spreading. As you walk on a slender scaffold, the character suddenly slipped through the ground and fell. He is screaming in the sudden event. His character that continues to fall into the back side of the world by slipping through the world’s deepest bedrock. Along with the moan, Uh, the character began to be damaged continuously, and in the end, his physical strength was exhausted and the game was over. He was staring at this in a collapse. When the game was over, he screamed again, removed his headphones, and left somewhere.

At first glance, game play and MysticalMidget seem to be a challenge failure. However, on the other hand, the friends who were talking to him were rejoicing, and the comments were very successful. His challenge to aim for the end of the Minecraft World has been achieved. Why does this mean achieving a challenge?

In some platforms, Minecraft, the world is generated infinitely. If you continue to move in one direction, the world will continue to be generated. Therefore, it is impossible to reach the end of the world. However, theoretically, there is a limit, even though it is infinite world generation. When a certain distance from the center of the world is far from the center of the world, the processing of the world generation may cause abnormalities, resulting in a defect in drawing and hitting the hit. Depending on the machine performance, apps and devices may crash. Such a dangerous zone is called Far Lands. Further ahead of Farland, there was a block where the hitting judgment was removed.

MysticalMidget was aiming for the limit of the Minecraft world that can be reached in regular play in Farland. An unusual terrain in the video is also a feature of Farland. It is said that his challenge began in January 2021. He continued to walk while displaying X coordinates in the world. He played for a long time on Twitch distribution, and finally searched for the world’s limitations in the 420 day distribution. The X coordinates at the time of reaching the slip-through block were about 32 million, proved to be as the confirmed information. The reason for the fact that the surroundings were delighted by the character falling game over was that reason. Jake Lucky commented that MysticalMidget was the first to walk through Farland to the end.

Perhaps because of the risk of crashing the device, Java Edition has added a World Border by updating. Players are usually unable to move outside the world border, and are set to take damage even if they go outside by specific means. Meanwhile, MysticalMidget played in Java Edition Beta 1.7.3 to avoid this world border. That’s why the current version can check the damage voice of the abolished character in the current version.


Although it has been confirmed as a specification, mysticalMidget’s challenge to find the limit of the world in normal play. Randomly generated worlds require specific operations according to the terrain. It would have been a simple but harsh challenge to continue walking in one direction while continuing to deal with such randomity. After a few minutes, he returned to the camera. He said, I did it, he seemed to be so impressed.

He seems to have been distributing Minecraft since then. Even recently, a broadcast entitled Walking to the Corner Far Lands is being broadcast. This time, the level of fullness is displayed on the HUD, and it may be Farland in a more difficult mode. He seems to be preparing for the challenge. With more difficulties, I want to look forward to the new ultimate challenge that he is starting.