The third Transformers collaboration will begin in the basic play free ship game WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS. Rare ship Musashis obtained campaign

Wargaming announced on August 29 that it will launch the third Transformers collaboration from September 1 in the basic online seaside action game World of Warships: Legends . In addition, a Bushido campaign to acquire Musashi, a premium battleship, is being held.

World of Warships: Legends is an online match game that takes place on various ships. In this announcement, the third collaboration of this work and Transformers has been reported. Transformers are worldwide popular content that originated from toys from Takara (now Takara Tomy). In the collaboration with this work in the past, camouflings for ships inspired by characters, which are the leading characters of Optimus Prime/Megatron, have appeared. The characters themselves are also implemented as Captain Captain.

In this collaboration, such past collaboration items and captains revived. In addition, collaboration camouflage implemented in the past seems to appear newly for legendary ships. If you are worried, be sure to get a relatively unique camouflage in this work, so if you are worried, prepare for the opening from September 1st.

In addition, a new Bushido campaign has begun. If you clear all the milestones in this campaign, you will be able to obtain Musashi as the final reward. Musashi is a ship that does the best with the battleship Yamato. In addition, Musashi has been implemented in the PC version WORLD OF WARSHIPS and the mobile version of WORLD OF WARSHIPS BLITZ, but is difficult to obtain due to sales suspension. Despite its high popularity, it is now a premium battleship that can only be obtained on very limited opportunities.

Musashi has been full of WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS. Because it is expected to be obtained in this work for a limited time, if you want to get it, it is better to work on it. In addition, it is necessary to obtain maritime support (battle pass) in the in-game currency Dabron to receive the final reward, Musashi.

In addition, this update features a German battleship subbrance and two legendary aircraft carriers. See the official update page for details.

WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS is being distributed for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The 3rd Transformer collaboration will be held on September 1st.