Red Dead Redemption 2

Com2us Holdings Walking Dead All Stars and new characters Morgan updates

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 30th that it will update the collectible RPG and ‘Walking Dead: All Stars’.

Through this update, three new Epic grade characters, Morgan, Tyler, and Emily appear. Morgan is a person of luck who has not been able to protect her son and joins the survivor group.

She also appears in the original work of the Working Dead Comics, and in ‘Working Dead: All-Stars’ she appears as a pre-inclusive tanker that uses a broken passenger car door as a shield. The skill that uses her shield to give all enemies’ strong damage and stunning effects, which has a great use of her strategic use.

Tyler and Emily are creative characters of Walking Dead: All Stars. Tyler tendenced to use military knives as main weapons and is useful for near/long-range attacks. Emily, an absolute tendency, is a dark girl character with the feeling of apocalypse. She throws a bottle of water, sprinkles water on the floor, and uses electricity to make an enemy electric shock.

‘Personal equipment system’ is also added. Personal equipment is a character-specific signature item, which can be worn at a legend grade or higher.

Unlike the existing equipment, there are special materials necessary for strengthening, and depending on the reinforcement stage, the characters can be gained with various additional abilities. The 31 and 32 chapters of the main content, World, are added, the survivors’ stories about the criminals who destroyed the community in the north.

In commemoration of the update, a rich event will be held. In commemoration of the global launch and this update, all users who connect to the game will receive Epic Rating Shane and Canning. Underground search event will be held until the 19th. If you kill the predators in the basement, you can get event items and search reports.

The item can be exchanged for various Epic characters and ‘recruitment rights’, including absolute ord and absolute tendency ‘Jesus’. The Survival Record , which can be limited to the event during the event, will be held until 27th. If you win the battle, you can earn abundant rewards such as recruitment rights and gold bars. In addition, you can receive a lot of gifts through the ‘Town Inspection Event and’ 7 Day Connection Event ‘.