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Open World 2DRPG WORLD OF ANTERRA announced. Adventure life RPG with Skyrim in dot painting

On August 25, the developer 81MONKEYS announced the 2D Open World RPG World of Anterra . Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/ and Nintendo Switch/PlayStation/Xbox, which will also be compatible with Japanese. Currently, Kickstarter is raising development funds and is being implemented until around 2:00 am on September 24 Japan time. According to the Kickstarter page, it will be distributed in July 2023.

WORLD OF ANTERRA is an open world RPG with a 2D-looked-down type. The stage is the fantasy world Anterra. It is said that there are castles, towns, mountains and caves in the vast world. It is made so that players can freely explore, and the story will be developed naturally based on the path of players. The developer describes this work as Dot picture The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

A dynamic event system is adopted on the open world, creating a side story with urgency and branches. In addition, it seems that the elements of automatic generation are interweaved in a form that cannot be distinguished from handmade elements. In addition, many characters are placed on the world, and natural conversations are possible with options. He is influenced by past RPGs such as Ultima, but can also enjoy adjusted exchanges for modern times.

The operation required for battle is simple, only action and movement. The action can switch various weapons, consumables, spells, etc. In addition, the unit movement during battle is performed based on the grid. In order to realize the quick and minimal operations, the default is set to move the closest enemy in the shortest route. Of course, it is possible for players to freely set the destination. It is said that the above-mentioned systems achieve speedy and strategic battles.

Various elements in addition to combat are available in the game. It seems that you can enjoy a variety of activities such as fishing, hunting, cooking, and craft. It is said that fishing and food can be played as mini games, respectively. Cooperation multiplayer will be implemented, and it will be possible for players to enter and leave each other’s world. It is said that special events for multiplayer will be prepared. However, it is said that this work is developed mainly for single play. It seems to be designed to work together with the core single play without discomfort.

The Canadian indie game studio 81MONKEYS works on this work. According to the Kickstarter page, this work has been developed at Unity. The engine seems to realize graphics such as natural shadows, magic effects, and water surfaces and reflections.

Kickstarter is being implemented until around 2:00 am on September 24, Japan time. It is possible to invest from 30 Canadian dollars (about 3100 yen), and will provide not only the game key but also the right to participate in the PC version early access distribution. At the time of official release, it will be supported in several languages including Japanese. It is said that a specialized translation will be implemented before the launch. At the time of writing, 6.45 million yen, which is about half the target amount of 13.8 million yen, has already been collected. I look forward to the appearance of a new open world game, running around the vast fantasy world drawn with beautiful pixel art.

World of Anterra will be released for PC (Steam/ and Nintendo Switch/PlayStation/Xbox. According to the Kickstarter page, it will be distributed in July 2023.