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The good news: Obviously these pictures are actually actual and also a remake of Silent Hillside 2 truly comes. At the very least this is validated by other fallen leaves such as Duskgolem as well as VGC also refers to their very own resources that validate the authenticity of the pictures.

Silent Hill 2: Claimed leakage shows numerous pictures.

Silent Hill 2 is one of the most preferred horror titles out there. It is not especially unexpected that stubborn rumors are kept around a remake.

The trouble: The pictures do not look particularly excellent. On the contrary: there is barely anything to be seen aware due to the fact that the resolution is so bad. We can roughly compose a couple of settings, but that was really it.

That’s what it’s around: Call new images on the web, which is supposed to be a leakage at the Silent Hill 2 remake that has recently been fiercely discussed. There is also great and also bad news.

See for on your own:

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The negative information: The images do not look especially great. After all: according to the most knowledgeable Leaker Duskgolem (which was correct, for example with respect to Resident Evil 8), this leak should be actual photos, yet they do not show the present degree of development of the remake the. Three new Silent Hills? According to different leaks, reports and records, not only one or two new Silent Hillside games must be in the jobs, but 3. One of that can in fact be the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Silent Hill 2: Remake is intended to be released for PS5.

After all: according to one of the most educated Leaker Duskgolem (which was correct, for example with respect to Resident Wickedness 8), this leakage should be real pictures, however they do not mirror the current level of growth of the remake the. The images would not even come to the ended up item. This is mainly because of the reality that you really just come from a remake pitch from Team Blofober before you would certainly have gotten the commitment to begin with the remake. (via: resetera).

PS5-Zeite Expleability? VGC even wishes to know more regarding the kind of publication. According to the sources of the publication, the title originally only appears for Playstation gaming consoles like the PS5. At the exact same time, a launch on the computer should additionally take place, however various other consoles such as the Xbox One or Xbox Collection S/X need to hold your horses a bit much longer.

What do you consider the leakage as well as the possible information? What would you such as to see from the Silent Hill cosmos? .

Three new Silent Hills? According to numerous leakages, reports as well as reports, not just one or 2 brand-new Silent Hill games ought to be in the works, but three. One of that could in fact be the Silent Hill 2 remake.