NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 PlayStation Exclusive MyTEAM Challenge Revealed

The 2022-2023 NBA regular season is about to start, so “NBA 2K23” is closer to the September 9 launch date! We’ve been teasing new features for weeks, and we’re excited to announce the return of exclusive challenges exclusive to the PlayStation®5 community!

Last year, we launched the PlayStation®5-exclusive MyTEAM Challenge and kicked off NBA 2K23 Season 1 with Assist vs. Dirk & Luka. The latest entry in the NBA 2K franchise will feature a similar challenge on PlayStation®5. Still, the event will center on Michael Jordan this year, mainly to accompany this year’s Championship Edition cover player promotion.

With the advanced technology of PlayStation®5, the “Jordan Challenge” is easy to find. After entering the main menu, press the PS button, and all action cards will be displayed in a row. Browse through the “2K23” modes displayed on the action card one by one, and once selected, you can press the square button to start the challenge. It’s that simple!

The following is the challenge plan launched in each season this year. Let everyone have a sneak peek!

Season 1: Rookie of the Year

Season 1 of NBA 2K23 kicks off, pitting players against Jordan and his ’85 Chicago Bulls teammates. Jordan stepped into the court as a rookie and quickly proved that he was strong on defense and offense. Build a team and score 50 points together to defeat Jordan for a reward.

Season 2: All-Star Slam Dunk

Jordan is a natural athletic prodigy, but it wasn’t until the All-Star Weekend in 1988 that everyone realized what monster-level physical fitness was. He won his second consecutive championship in the Slam Dunk Contest. Meet the Slam Dunk Champion, All-Star MVP, and his ’88 Eastern Conference All-Star teammates at the rim. Make ten slam dunks to complete the challenge.

Season 3: Defensive Wins

Michael Jordan’s defense significantly affected his 1991 NBA Finals victory, earning him his first championship ring. Prove your unique blocking defense to the 9-time All-Defensive First Team. Pick the king and challenge five block-blocking shots.

Season 4: Team Glory

The Flying Man won the “Most Valuable Player” and Finals MVP awards in 1992, but without the support of his teammates, he would not be able to win the prize alone. In addition to being an excellent scorer, Jordan also has excellent coordination skills. Send 10 team assists in Season 4 to receive a reward.

Season 5: Three in a row

By 1993, the Chicago Bulls were unbeatable, led by Jordan, and the team achieved a rare feat in NBA history, winning the NBA Finals for three consecutive years. To pay tribute to these three consecutive champions, he scored five three-pointers in MyTEAM and treated others in his way.

Season 6: Air Jordan

The All-Star Game is usually a slam dunk event, where the league elites come out and show off their slam dunk skills. The 1996 All-Star team, led by Michael Jordan, played the trapeze card. Level up your MyTEAM lineup, leap to the hoop, and complete ten slam dunks to earn NBA 2K23 rewards.

Season 7: Against the 72-win Bulls

In 1996, the sports world agreed that the Chicago Bulls’ 72-win record was unmatched by any other team, and it did for the next 20 years. The challenge for Season 7 is to pay homage to the record-setting Bulls, who won 72 points in this matchup. Is there a chance?

Season 8: The world of the three-point shot

The game trend has changed, with more teams and players relying on 3-pointers to win or lose. While the 3-point shot wasn’t as prevalent as today in the ’90s, there were a few brilliant 3-point shots in Jordan’s era. The team will hit ten three-pointers to meet the target if you shoot three-pointers wildly.

Season 9: The King’s End

Michael Jordan’s “The Last Dance” is the century’s wonder! The Bulls won the 1998 NBA championship, creating an unprecedented record of the team’s second three-game winning streak in the 1990s. Jordan led the Bulls to victory in Game 6, ending the series honorably and adding 45 points to his legacy. Copy Jordan’s unforgettable game performance. The individual scored 45 points.

When “NBA 2K23” is officially released on September 9, respond to the great call and challenge Michael Jordan in MyTEAM! The rewards for each challenge this year consist of an exclusive diamond sneaker color card, five sneaker enhancement cards, and a gold badge, making up seven reward cards. All nine challenges are playable on PlayStation®5, and each is integrated with action cards for players to access at their leisure.