How to defeat Murdag in Tematem Lokhburg Dodzo

Lynchburg Dodo is the seventh dojo in Teem, and it is not so different from those that you visited earlier. Lynchburg Dodo is a place where you will encounter Murder and its close and electric type. This leadership will provide you with everything you need to know about how you can successfully get to the master of Dodo and defeat Murder.

How to get to Lynchburg Dodo

It’s not at all difficult to get to the Lynchburg Dodo, because there is no initial puzzle or quest inside the dojo, but as soon as you find yourself inside, it is here that real work begins.

You will take part in sparring with many tamers in Dodo Lynchburg, before you can fight with Murder, the leader of Dodo. Each next tamer will be more complicated than the previous one, and you will not be able to get out of it after starting the battles, and you also cannot be treated between battles, so be sure to prepare in advance.

Tempted Murder

You will encounter Murder, the leader of the Lynchburg Dodo, and she will use the next TEM in the battle against you.

  • Malala (level 64)
  • Such (level 64)

  • Mag mouth (level 64)
  • Grumbler (level 67)
  • Monks (70 level)
  • Golgi (level 75)

Best Teem for winning Murder

From the above-the list of Teeters, we can conclude that Murder mainly uses the Tinted of the near and electric type, therefore, if we want to get a chance to defeat this leader Dodo, we must resist this, taking more digital and earth-type Times.

Digital wins Melee, and Earth wins Electric. For your composition, you must take OB IAN so that it is easier for you to defeat the close-up Tenet, and for the electric type you must take grumble with you, which is a strong earth type Tested.

Along with both of them, you can also take wolf which is generally a strong theme and can withstand long and difficult battles. The rest depends on you, and you can choose those that are most convenient for you, although we also recommend throw .

How to defeat Murder in Tempted Lynchburg Dodo

If you are idle and took quests left and right, your Teem will be a much higher level than the original TEM that sends you Murder, and you will easily pass the battle.

The battle will begin, and Murder will send Mail and Such into battle, and you must send your wolves against them and throw only because they are generally great themes. If your tones is 70 levels and higher, then this battle will end very soon.

When the battle begins, use your beta explosion against Such, and if your level is quite high, one shot will be enough to kill it, and if not, do not worry, because the next shot will surely destroy it.

Now the third tone that lands in the battle is Mag mouth. You can again defeat the mag mouth, first using the beta explosion, and then using Wolf to start a dusty whirlwind, which will be enough to destroy it.

The next theme that comes from Murder will be Monks, and once again, if you want to continue using the same strategy, you can start with the use of beta-star with it, and it will also break in one or two attacks.

Then Grumpier comes, and if your team has enough energy, you can continue with the same duet, but if not, you can replace one of your Tested with Zambian or Grumpier.

If you have a water type of water, you can use it against grumbling, and this should help. Finally, Golgi and Koala will be the last two standing Times, both of them should be easily defeated.