Thor Love and Thunder modifies certain digital effects at its premiere in Disney+. Worse?

Thor Love and Thunder It reached Disney+ recently after collecting a total of 700 million dollars globally, a discreet figure compared to other blockbusters of Marvel Studios although staying close to the 854 million that he achieved Thor Ragnarök at the time. Be that it may, we can enjoy Thor’s new adventure, Mighty Thor and company from the comfort of our home, a version that h suffered some touch-ups at its domestic premiere at CGI level. And fans will remember, the film received some criticism for certain digital effects that seemed not to be up to it, such the floating head of AXL ; Now, this head h changed… worse?


Thor Love and Thunder and his CGI touch-ups

Thus, in the scene we saw how AXL, Handball’s son, communicated with Thor from a distance while he and the group of new gard children remained kidnapped by For The time to put your floating head on the screen. Now, in the Disney+ version this effect h been modified, resulting even more rare and artificial **.

Thus, and some media such The Direct collect it, both versions have been compared; And despite the fact that AXL’s new head appears clear on screen , offers a much more obvious CGI appearance **, for many, being even worse than in the already controversial original version.

Marvel Studios h the habit of touching in their films when they arrive at Disney+ with the objective of to improve some digital effects that in its cinematographic premiere perhaps it w not up to it. On the other hand, in their series they are customary to Removing specific episodes retouched . Although in this ce it seems that they have even gone worse.