Splatoon 3 – hairstyles for little friends

Splat on 3-a game cracking at the seams from customization. From the hairstyle of your suspicion to his clothes and from his locker to his emotions-there are dozens and dozens of options. But this choice is not limited only by your character. Players can also configure Salmon id, which accompanies the player throughout the single campaign. It can be just a hairstyle, but nevertheless this is an important solution.

Platoon 3 Smaller haircuts


Your little friend or turf has a choice of seven different hairstyles. The fish hairstyle is selected at the beginning of the game and cannot be changed later. Thus, you must choose wisely. Apparently, the little fish is not so worried about keeping up with the trends and hints that inhabit the alloy.

  • Classic hairstyle
  • Detailed style
  • Spy style
  • Mohawk style
  • Pineapple style
  • Bun style
  • Pompadour style

Smaller acts as a constant companion of the protagonist throughout the main story. Otherwise, it can be found in different places of alloy. Unlike any other salmon that the player is faced with, Smaller does not be hostile to inclines or comics. It is assumed that the young fish was separated early from the family and took the agent 3. Regardless of how we acquired Smaller, we are glad that they are with us.

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