Xbox announces another game batch in Game Pass during Tokyo Game Show

During the Tokyo Game Show , Microsoft has announced another batch of games that will reach Game Pass soon (and a few, from today), with * Death loop * As the protagonist after his exclusivity in Sony consoles.

Before going to it, it is worth noting a couple of news outside Game Pass per se outside the trailer of Person 5 Royal , such as Kirk, the new character of Overwatch 2 inspired by Japanese culture. They have also taught a new Development Journal of TO Long: Fallen Dynasty that, in addition to having English subtitles to find out about some details, shows a few images of the game.

First, by the way, it is also important to emphasize that both Blaze: Cross Tag Battle and Guilty Gear Strive They arrive at Xbox in spring of 2023, with a leak: melodies of steel that It is from today (I already warn that if they do not go down it is because, for now, they do not have their own trailer separately).

Here are the rest of the ads:

Ni no Zuni Remastered is now available in Game Pass

The JRPG opens in Xbox with its arrival at the subscription service both on PC and in consoles, and at some point in 2023 its second installment will also arrive.

Danganronpa V3 arrives at Game Pass today

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey can already be played with Game Pass

Death loop will arrive at PC and consoles game on September 20

The latest of Arcane Studios, which can also be played through Xbox Cloud Gaming, is now available for its predescarga.