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Fortnite Trailers Seon 4: History, Spider

Fortnite Seon 4 It’s already here. usually happens during each start of a new seon of Fortnite Battle Royale , Epic Games h two spectacular trailers : the trailer of history and the trailer of the ps Battle . Just below we tell you what are all the novelties shown in these two videos of Fortnite , including the new Skin of Spider-Gwen :

Fortnite History Trailer Seon 4: All News

The trailer of the History of Fortnite Seon 4 premiered worldwide on 09/18/2022 at 08: 00h CEST. You can see it just below:

The trailer begins with the scientist observing a chrome sample in his laboratory, accompanied by the paradigm , The origin and the visitor . But the sample comes alive and begins to absorb everything and everyone; The paradigm (without a helmet, revealing that it is Brie Larson ), escapes.

The paradigm, harshly escaping the similation of much of the island for chromium, decides to escape by zero point to reality 659 .

From chrome structures, a sinister **…

Trailer of the Battle Ps of Fortnite Seon 4: All the news

The trailer of the Battle ps of Fortnite Seon 4 also premiered worldwide also on 09/18/2022 at 09: 00h CEST. We leave you the trailer in question just below, so you can see it with great detail:

In the trailer, without narration, we can see so much skins of the Battle ps of seon 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 new playable mechanics such chrome. Here we tell you everything in detail.

These are all the novelties we know for now of Fortnite seon 4 Chapter 3 thanks to its official trailers. If you have been wanting more, we recommend that you take a look at our complete Fortnite guide, where we will detail all the important content of the game, such how to complete all the missions, what are the best methods to get XP and rapid level of level, or how to unlock all the skins of the new battle ps.