GTA 6: 3 rumors that the massive leakage confirmed

When GTA 6 shows up is still in the celebrities as well as Superstar Gaming has actually up until now been covered with images. Recently, nonetheless, 90 files were related, which reveal a great deal about the gameplay. We’ll tell you which rumors have actually been verified.

GTA 6: Jealous videos validate some reports

Various concepts regarding GTA 6 have been in circulation for months, however there were no hand-resistant by Superstar Gaming itself. Now 90 data have been leaked , consisting of screenshots and video clips, some of which have been a few years old, but are genuine, as industry experts Jason Schrader verified on Twitter.

For the followers, nevertheless, this is a method to read more about the coming video game, so there were additionally some rumors that were validated by the leaked photo material:
| GTA 6 plays in Vice City: ** In fact, a video has shown up that shows a figure in a train station. A train can also be seen in which words Vice City Metro can be checked out clearly.


This moment there are two main characters: The leaked video clips reveal that there are really 2 usable main personalities. The female is a Latina.
The card is based on Miami: This report is likewise verified by the leaked documents. The card could still grow.

Take-Two is presently attempting to make the material vanish from the Net. It is not known whether the whole effect on the launch and also the growth day has .

Moreover, it reveals from the videos that there are 6 locations in GTA that have currently been seen in GTA 5. Amongst them a club, a rapid food restaurant and also a lot more.

_ This mistake must not repeat Superstar at GTA 6: _

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GTA-6-leader desires to agree with developer

Many concepts concerning GTA 6 have been in circulation for months, but there were no hand-resistant by Rock star Gaming itself. Now 90 data have been leaked , including videos and screenshots, some of which have actually been a couple of years old, yet are genuine, as industry insiders Jason Schrader confirmed on Twitter.

When GTA 6 appears is still in the stars and also Superstar Gaming has actually so far been covered with images. We’ll tell you which rumors have been validated.

According to the VGC page, the cyberpunk named Teapotuberhacker is now attempting to make a lot of earnings from the whole thing. In a GTA online forum, he requests a message from Take-Two or Rock star, to work out a business , which seems like wicked extortion (source: NGC).