In Splatoon 3, the issue of Lact Discussion to give up the game is a problem. The focus of the discussion is whether or not to bother others

Two weeks have passed since its release, and Platoon 3 shows further excitement. However, it seems that some players are playing Last Discussion as a highly efficient way to earn money. It has been regarded as a problem because it can be a nuisance and the adverse effects on the game. On the other hand, there seems to be a positive opinion that if other players do not involve, they may be allowed.

Last discussion means bringing the bow-type BKI Lact-450 to the regular match, and all the people continue to apply the floor. Utilizing the amount of the reward for the Kawasaki Battle is determined by the painting point, it is possible to earn paint points by continuing to apply back the place where the opponent paint is applied, and to get more efficient rewards in one battle. Among the many bugs, the reason why Lact-450 was selected is that it is a BKI that is highly painted and easy to apply. In addition, the Lact-450 is not particularly easy to adopt in the environment at the time of writing the article. It is unusual for more than two players to use Lact-450 in one team, and there is also a reason that it is easy to recognize that each other is a player for last discussion.

As a background of Last Discussion, there is a situation where coins in this work are likely to be insufficient. Compared to the previous work, BKI was changed in exchange for Munich license. However, new geisha systems and Hakka shops have appeared, and the number of situations where coins are needed is increasing. Of course, as before, a large coin is required to adjust the gear that gives special abilities during the battle. Not only players who want to carefully select gears, but also players who want to collect large collections of collection items are lacking in money.

The need for money will be motivated to increase the motivation to play. Many people work for money in salmon run, which is a cooperative play mode. However, it seems that some people value the importance of quickness, and in terms of time efficiency and difficulty, last discussion is increased. It is thought that the current situation where players tend to be short of money have created a money-making act called Last Discussion.

The problem of Last Discussion is that it is a nuisance to other players who want to play regular matches. In SNS, it is actually seen that players involved in Last Discussion are overrun. As long as you participate in the regular match, the rank of Edema has no effect, but it is a problem for players who want to play seriously. In the in-game reporting function, there are also items that repeat actions that are not involved in the game. Ringing acts in regular matches may be subject to penalties. Above all, players who are currently battle using Lact-450 will not be happy to have the image down on the Lact-450, which is used for rigging.

On the other hand, some players do not consider last rigging as strict NG acts. This is an opinion that as long as eight players are played by eight players who will participate in the Last Discussion from the beginning, they are not bothering other players. In fact, there are players who are recruiting participants outside the game, such as SNS, and conducting rigging acts to avoid solo players under the agreement. In addition, some players seem to be able to understand the current situation where coins are likely to be insufficient.

Miro Makes of Sister Tuber is looking for a questionnaire on Twitter for the orbit that does not involve other players. It is an issue that does not involve other players and play all eight participants to play for the purpose of lactation. The result is 42.1 % for you can do it and 57.9 % for no use. Although there are many negative groups, the positive group is 40 % of the total questionnaire, and the opinion is broken. According to the results of the questionnaire, Miro Makes commented that there was a concern that rigging itself would adversely affect the game system. He says, If you like Spa, let’s quit.

It is clear that performing such a rigging act in regular match is not an assumed play. Not only is it a nuisance, but the impact on the game is immeasurable even if you don’t involve other players. On the other hand, it is also true that there are many players suffering from lack of money, and it is considered last discussion that they have created. Nevertheless, Platoon 3 is designed to be played by players for a long time. Although the way of playing is personal freedom, there are not many attempts in gaining money unnaturally in the short term and consuming rapidly consuming content.

From September 24, this work is expected to be even more exciting before the festival will be held. I want you to play this work by playing that you can enjoy yourself and enjoy yourself.