Where to find the world boss Moac in Lost Ark

When playing Lost ARK, you will notice that in order to complete the folio of the adventurer, it is necessary to defeat certain bosses. These bosses are known as world bosses and can be one of the most difficult you will encounter in the game. One of these bosses is known as the OK, which resembles a great chameleon.

You can find this boss in the north-eastern part of the TikTok colony directly above the Air pond, as shown below red. This boss has a large strip of health, so it would be reasonable to enter the game with the level of an object of at least 1415. You will also need to find this boss in the game calendar, if you want to fight to track it. This will be the best way to track with which You fought with world bosses, and what else remained.

How to defeat Mac in Lost Ark

There are several combat mechanics through which the MONK will lead players during the three phases of this battle. We have listed them lower than the amount of damage:

* flash
* MOC emits a flash of light, which stuns the players.

* caustic couples

* The boss will erupt the fire from the mouth and tail.
Blow on the ground *
* The boss will jump high and collapse to the ground.
Body roll
* Mac is rolling like a ball, and causes damage to all the players in which he rolls.
tail whip
* OK turns and beats the players with his tail.
Breath and ray *
* The boss will turn its tail and shoot green and purple energy waves that are carried left and right.
caustic explosion
* OK sends a shock wave after an attack on the players.
Sun explosion
* A spot of light will appear on the ground and explode to everyone who steps on it.
Freeze flowers *
* MOC will call four flowers with a chilling aura to freeze players on the spot.
Freezing rays
* OK will shoot another green-violet energy wave that freezes players.
Frozen explosion
* MONK will inhale the ice air, and then release it back to the players.
Flame flowers *
* MOC will cause four fire flowers that will burn the players, and then leave the fire where they land.
ball and beam *
* MONK creates fireballs and inflicts burns when hit.

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