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Blade director leaves the movie

The world of films is usually a bit arbitrary sometimes, with situations that come out of control such as a dismissal to an important position or renunciations that come out of nowhere. That has just passed in Marvel, since the director of the next adaptation of Blade , has just left his position and therefore, the production can be delayed.

Assam Tariq Abandon the project that has the release date on November 3 of 2023 , and was preparing to start filming in November in Atlanta. It is not entirely clear how the game will affect the beginning of the production, but if they do not find a replacement quickly, it is likely that the day of its cinemas’ projection will be postponed

This is what was commented in a new statement:

Due to the continuous changes in our production schedule, Assam no longer advances as director of Blade, but will continue to be an executive producer of the film. We appreciate Assam’s talent and all the work he has done to take Blade where he is.

For his part, this is what Tariq told Marvel :

It has been an honor to work with the wonderful people of Marvel. We were able to build a cast and a fear team. Anxious to see where the movie takes the next director.

For now, nothing is said of a date change for Blade .