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The next stage is open world! Official Rogue Light Sequel STREETS OF ROGUE 2 official announcement –2023 release scheduled

Publisher Tiny build officially announced the new rogue light action Streets of Rogue 2 by Matt Borowski and released the Steam store page.


This work was a sequel to the rogue light streets of Rogue with the stage where the city was automatically generated, and the development was announced in 2020. You can enjoy your own adventure with a wide variety of characters such as scientists, hackers, vampires, thieves, wrestlers, and gorillas.

In the previous work, the city was set, but in this work it evolved into an open world game. Cities, forests, islands, caves, and eating outpost areas are generated randomly, forming a villain group in the vast world, attempting government take over, and gaining good deeds and gaining glory. Live a free life.

It supports online and local cooperative mode, so it is possible to run with friends on vehicles such as vans. By customizing the game, you can widely support you from the difficult Pervades to the casual play.

Streets of Rogue 2, which supports Japanese, will be released in STEM for PC in 2023.