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You can already link your PlayStation account with Steams and receive rewards; Spider

Following different references to found in files, a few months ago, Steam and PlayStation began to talk about the integration of Steam and PlayStation, something logical due to the msive arrival of Sony to PC exclusive games. Well, it is no longer necessary to speculate: the Japanese company h officially confirmed that It is already possible to link your PSN account with your Steam profile.


It is not an empty integration, since linking both profiles will allow you to achieve exclusive rewards available for certain games . The first one is Marvel’s Spider-Man remtered , which just after receiving an update just a few hours ago, the option of linking services h added to its main menu. If you do, you will receive the residence suit, a gadget and skill points for the game in its PC version.

Optional linking and unanswered questions

It is convenient to know that In no ce is it mandatory to link your accounts to continue playing the PlayStation Studios titles on PC; At the moment it is completely optional. In this link you can start the linking process and you can see, for now it is only mentioned that after doing so you will receive notifications on novelties, new offers and the aforementioned rewards.

There is no reference to the integration of trophies , the function most demanded by users, since it seems logical to think that it is ideal to unlock them on a platform and follow them in another and vice versa. There is also no news about the possibility of sharing data saved between PS5, PS4 and PC.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

The Port of the acclaimed Insomniac Games game for PC went quite well (here is our analysis), but the study continues to improve the experience with all kinds of corrections and adjustments. Today its new update h arrived, which brings arrangements for the Ray Tracing, which until now gave rise to several technical problems. Support for AMD and Intel Less h also been added.