Path of exile

Action shooter PATH TO PURGE Steam early access start -the battle of a devil that helps humans who have been deprived of will

E-SHEEP has started distributing an action game Path to Purge for PC with early access.

This work is an action shooting game that captures the stage while defeating yourself and strengthening yourself. In order to regain desires again from a person who has been deprived of the devil’s temptation and a punishment, the player purifies the holy ghost behind him while fighting the devil and fighting humans. It seems that there is also a fight against a huge boss.

This work is characterized by being able to operate with one hand. The character movement is a WAS key, attacks when you stop the movement, and reloads the weapon while moving. In addition, to interact to the object can be operated only with the space key, the status display is the Tab key and the key on the left side of the keyboard.

By clearing the stage, the hero upgrade, such as acquiring skills and shops, appears. In addition, a powerful special move can be used by purifying humans and accumulating gauge. By the way, the activation of the special move is performed by the F key, so this is also within one-handed operation.

PATH TO PURGE is being distributed by Steam early access. The official release in the spring of 2023 is scheduled, and content, such as stages and skills, will be enhanced.