Monster training RPG LUMENTALE announced. Animon battle that combines attributes and types

Developer Beehive Studios announced Lumen tale on October 13.

LAMENTABLE seems to be an RPG that adventures with monsters. A monster called Anion inhabits the stage of TALE. Each type seems to have different attributes and types for each type.

Looking at the trailer, the battle is likely to be a turn-based battle. It may be a game system close to the Pocket Monster series, where the type compatibility affects the battle. Characters and Anion are drawn in 2D pixel art, but the fields are built with 3D graphics. The graphics are likely to be a feature of this work. Anion and others are seen on the field in the video, and the battle may be a symbol encounter.

It is said that there are five attributes in the world of this work. Felicia heals the wounds of the soul, Meets, who grieves the soul, Furor who is angry like a storm, Torrens that paralyzes the heart, and Serum that brings a peaceful heart. Each attribute seems to be involved with emotions and hearts. Apart from the attributes, there are 13 elements (Elements) such as flames and grasses. This seems to be the type of Pokémon. I also want to pay attention to how attributes and types (elements) are involved in the game system.

By the way, it seems that there are races with different attributes and types depending on the habitat even in the same Anion. The official Twitter introduces two types of Anion called Melodic like ants. They seem to be different depending on their habitat, and their attributes and types are different.

This work is Beehive Studios. This is a studio by his creator who worked on the free distribution Pokémon fan game Genovese: Per ASP ERA AD ASTRA. This time, we will develop LAMENTABLE as an original title instead of a fan work. In this work, the Kickstarter campaign will start in December. Let’s look forward to the follow-up report.

LAMENTABLE is being developed by Beehive Studios.