The clsic in FIFA 23: Real Madrid or F.C. Barcelona? We check who is better

Today is the day of The clsic , the most anticipated football match by fans around the world and, of course, one of the most watched sporting events on the planet. Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona will see the faces once again at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium from 4:15 p.m. Align clsification, they share the lead with 22 points after 8 days.

Another, of course, is the morbid that is always generated and the eve of the game, such the memory of the 0-4 achieved by Barça lt year, the dramatic situation that Xavi’s living in UEFA Champions League after his tie after his tie Against Inter at Camp Nou… Anyway, this afternoon we will enjoy all that. Meanwhile, Ha s thought in Which of the two teams is better in FIFA 23? We compare their alignments.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona in FIFA 23: Who is better?

The first thing you should know is that we have made the comparison put per position, bed on the average of its players according to 11 of each one . Or what is the same, the most frequent title team for both Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid) and Xavi Hernández (Barcelona). That is, we have not taken into account the circumstantial alignments that we sometimes see due to injuries or sanctions (for example, we know that Nacho Fernández or Sergi Roberto are not regular players).


  • Curtis (90) vs TER Steven (90)


Wendy * (83) vs Marcos Alonso (79)
Military * (84) vs eric garcía (77)

ALBA * (86) via Arturo (83)
Carvajal * (84) vs Found (84)


Crews * (90) vs Banquets (85)
Madrid (88) vs Pedro (85)
Valverde (84) vs Gave (81)


Vinicius (88) vs Dembélé (83)
Benzema (91) vs
Lewandowski (93)
*Rodrigo (81) vs
Refined ** (83)

you can see, Real Madrid is superior in fifa 23 . Much more solid in defense and complete in the center of the field, although Barça is fearsome in terms of offensive potential, since it h one of the best strikers that exist and a goalkeeper capable of matching the statistics of Curtis. And in real life? This same afternoon we will leave doubts and check if we both continue to share the leader or one of the two is able to start leaving alone towards the title.