Free Fire: Vivo Keyd wins LBFF 8 and becomes a two -time tournament champion; Magic Squad gets the vice

Last Saturday (14), Vito Had won the LBFF 8 and won the two-time championship of the first title of the organization was on LBFF 5 in 2021. With victory, modest, general, handed, nando9 and ghost7 earned $105 Thousand, in addition to a spot for the main phase of the Free Fire World Series 2022 Bangkok, the Arena Battle Royale Mobile World Cup.

Vito Had two-time LBFF

With a Booth, 138 points and 68 kills, Had won its LBFF title. The performance of the organization in the grand final was very good, with the team always being above 5th place at the end of each fall. There were two falls finished in second place, two in third place, one on Wednesday, another on Thursday, besides Booth.

Remember that at LBFF 7, Had was runner-up of the competition. This way you can see how the organization and its players worked to maintain good performance throughout the year 2022.

In addition, the Great Final MVP was Nando9, with 24 slaughter, followed by a 20-and-16 General with 16, all from Had. SAZ of the Magic Squad flow and Bops were tied, with 15 slaughter each.

The Magic Squad team got the runner-up. Dani Solo, Italy, Gaskill, Draxx7, Bops and Gish.87 made 91 points and 44 kills, who surrendered the team $85,000 awards and a place for the Free World Series 2022 Bangkok entry.

The Free Fire World Cup will take place from November 25 to 26 in Bangkok, Thailand. The tournament will be attended by 17 teams and the value of the award has not yet been released by the Arena. Alongside Vietnam, azil will be the second country with the largest number of representatives in the dispute.