Successful start: Bavaria transforms the video game against Rosengard

The FCB, in which head trainer Alexander Strauss made 3 changes compared to the 4-0 against 1. FC Cologne (to name a few points, he forwent Schiller as well as instead utilized Damnjanovic in the storm, Magill and also Kumeyaay for Bull as well as Tiara), The video game was taken control of versus deep-standing Swedes from the start.

After the Bayern women dominated in the certification against Actual Societal, the first game in the group phase of the Champions Organization against FC Rosenwald scheduled on Wednesday.

Magill and also All miss the lead

The hosts remained on it and just missed the lead by Damnjanovic’s header (after Simon sedge) on the message. The FCR, on the various other hand, showed a cold-nosed, in which the former Leverkusen as well as Freiburg native Knack based on the pitch from the beginning. After Though had made the sphere sharp once again after an edge sphere, Pulaski pushed it over the line from a couple of meters (25th).

Nonetheless, the Munich ladies came out of the video game bit. As a result, a standard created threat for the very first time: All just fired over the goal after a cost-free kick flank from the Magill (8th minute). The captain of the FCB tried to show herself in the voids over and over, Magill succeeded, for instance, well in the 17th min when Micah still steered her long-range shot over the objective.

Simon’s flank sails right into the net without customers


The Straubel was unimpressed, nonetheless, and struck back in round one: Simon’s flank from the right fifty percent field cruised to the 1-1 halftime rating in the much corner (35th).

Given that the Bavarians consequently remained game-determining, yet hardly radiated the goal, and also the Swedes continued to be true to the protective tactics in spite of the protective tactics, a game of praise (73.) established in the more training course. Eventually, the Munich ladies quickly brought the 2-1 over time, remained undefeated as well as commemorated an effective start to the Champions Organization team phase.

During the break, the Norwegian train of the Bundesliga club brought as well as responded Bull for Lehmann. Due to the replacement, the game modifications: his team frequently broke via after to reactivate over the outdoors as well as hence came to even more flanks. Among these crossings by Bull finally took the lead. Allman cleaned after Damnjanovic had actually stopped working in Micah (57. ).

Currently the Munich ladies are going to Wolfsburg for the top game

The Munich women came out of the game bit. A criterion triggered threat for the first time: All only fired over the objective after a cost-free kick flank from the Magill (8th min). Due to the alternative, the video game changes: his team frequently broke via after to reactivate over the outside as well as hence came to more flanks. Inevitably, the Munich ladies quickly brought the 2-1 over time, continued to be unbeaten and commemorated a successful beginning to the Champions Organization team stage.

On Sunday there is a top video game in the Bundesliga: the Munich women guest in Wolfsburg at 2 p.m. In the coming weeks, the Straubel will be tested once again in the Champions League at Benefice (October 27:9 p.m.).