Formula 1: contract in the expense dispute

As the competitors, several of which had requested difficult permissions, responds to the current result will certainly be shown at the Mexico Grand Prix this weekend break. At the same time, co-rider Aston Martin was also punished for step-by-step errors in conformity with the top boundary-450,000 dollar fines need to pay the Sebastian Vettel group.


The group around the two-time globe champion Max Verstappen, who with associate Sergio Perez last Sunday in Austin
Title in the style category had actually made excellent, according to the policies, no argument can no longer be obtained against the punishment. The individuals have therefore averted a discussion of expenses from in 2015 for even more months.

Red Bull as well as the International Automobile Association FIA agreed in the conflict over the group’s added expenses last year. The world champ auto racing group of the Dietrich Mateschitz, who died last Saturday, accepted the offer of a supposed accepted crack of arrangement by the FIA. The policy caretakers of Formula 1 announced on Friday.

As necessary, the auto racing team spent around $2.15 million even more than the permitted 148.6 million. The collection of policies considers violations of less than 5 percent as small. The team was fine with a penalty of 7 million US bucks, which is to be paid within 30 days. On top of that, the aerodynamics examinations are restricted within a period of twelve months, the result is ten percent less advancement time in the wind tunnel.