How to fix the audio error of Modern Warfare 2

Since it is one of the most anticipated and popular games of the year so far, it may not be too surprising that the last Call of Duty of Activision has a good amount of problems on the day of the launch. However, a particular problem is being especially problematic. Here is How to solve the audio error of Modern Warfare 2 If you have problems listening to something.

Modern Warfare 2 PS4 audio problem solution and audio errors

The audio error seems to happen more in the PlayStation systems, more often on PS4 than in PS5. If you are experiencing it, you probably have problems listening to explosions, steps of enemies, low gusts and blows, which obviously spoils the game experience.

The good news is that the Infinity War developer is aware of the problem and already tweeted on his plans to investigate and solve it:

We are investigating audio continuity problems in PS4. Updates to follow.

-Infinity Ward (@infinityward) October 28, 2022

The bad news is that there is no solution at this time. It is literally just a case of waiting for an update to solve the problem. We cannot really offer another direction that is not suggested to restart the game and try to load it again in a lobby to see if the problem was solved at least.


What we can say is that the audio problem is definitely on the software side, since Infinity War has recognized the failure. That means that it probably does not make much sense to work on the resolution of problems of your own hardware in an attempt to find a solution. We are seeing other Internet guides that these generic corrections recommend, but it is very unlikely to make some difference if there is any type of problem inherent with the game.

We will update this article as soon as we know more.

That is all we know about How to solve the audio error of Modern Warfare 2 on PS4 . We felt it, we couldn’t be more useful, but we have many other guides that really contain useful information! Look for or see the article related below.

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