Vodafone toll to go: 2 GB for just 2.99 euros

solid 3-euro cell phone price of crash at a cost savings rate


Surfing, calling and also Sim sen for an entire month at a cost of one and also a fifty percent liter of gas or a little mug of coffee: Gantry for Collision There is presently no place to be reached to a Vodafone tariff with 2 GB information volume. An all net level rate is not included, you can make a month-to-month totally free time 100 minutes on all German networks and also 100 SMS .

Great to know: The use of this toll is additionally possible using ENIM rather of a physical SIM card. In addition, Collision uses its clients the usage of VoLTE and also Wi-Fi or. You just obtain the discounted month-to-month price of 2.99 euros for 24 months.