The Sacred Pools, Erotic Thriller FMV of Sega in the 90s that never put up for sale comes to light

What crazy times the 90. The new technologies put everything back and a half in the world of video games. And before with the arrival of 3D and the polygonal worlds, the Full Motion Video (FMV for the few friends he had) positioned himself for a short period of time the future of the medium. Luckily it w not like that!

The Sacred Pools and how criticism ended up without even having launched the market


In those we were already in a late 1996 for games bed on video scenes. The oldest of the place will remember the infamous Night Trap and the controversy to help take video games before the United States courts (and which resolved in the creation of the code by age). And after the initial Boom of the FMV, I had little interest squeeze only right or left long when Saturn, PSX and the newcomer N64 already left the staff crazy with incredible 3D worlds bed on polygons.

SEGA , Very Pilling with this Camera advertising developed in her struggle with Nintendo, she opted with The Sacred Pools for an erotic tropic with little chichi (in every way, because of erotic she had little). The exhibitions in events only reaped negative criticism, and in 1997, after several delays, the game w canceled.

Well, decades later Gaming Alexandria h found an alpha of the original game to an sociate archer of the game, David Gray, who w given the albums in his farewell of Sega soft in 1999. That material It is right now, and can be downloaded for those who want to perform video games. In the video that we leave above you have an advance. If you give us hands, that we are no longer for those jogging.