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The Monster franchise is renewed for more seasons

As much in recent days, Netflix has benefited from a certain series that came to world fame, Danger , which tells us the story of one of the best-known serial killers of states Joined. The program has been so good that it gathered millions of views, which is why the franchise where Monster is derived will have more seasons.

The streaming company has mentioned that there will be at least two more entrances of the franchise, and the best will be worked again by the creator and director Ryan Murphy . It is worth mentioning that it will not be a continuation of Danger , but will be addressed to two people whose actions were so questionable, that they became famous.

But this is not the only success for Murphy , since the other franchise known as The Watcher will also continue to cause intrigue among the public, so it will have more episodes. However, it is not so clear if the creative will be working on both of them, or if it will only be in charge of production and will have a new director.

This is what Ball Bavaria, Netflix global television director :

The public cannot stop looking at Monster and The Watcher. The creative team of Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan in Monster together with Eric Newman in The Watcher are masterful narrators who captivated the public around the world. The consecutive force of these two series is due to Ryan’s distinctive voice that created cultural sensations, and we are delighted to continue telling stories in the universes of Monster and Watcher.

Remember that both programs are available in Netflix .

Via: Deadline

Editor’s note: If Netflix perceives good profits for certain programs, it is evident that you will want with their exploitation. We will see if they manage to maintain that rating, and above all, if Murphy agrees to direct them or pass the mantle to someone else.