Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have a day patch

There are very few weeks for the official Pokémon premiere Scarlet and Violet , new generation versions of the franchise that will try to give a fresh air to the mechanics that fans already know. And now, it is confirmed that as with other games today, you will receive a patch of day one, which would be heavy for those who do not have an SD memory.

This will be the 1.0.1 update, which needs at least 1 GB of space in the console to be able to play the title, so users must buy this Additional space. Although there is also the option to delete applications in the console, since there are then games that users do not use for long periods of time.

The patch serves to enable the possibility of playing online, so although it is only sought to play the adventure of a single user, it would not be necessary to carry out the download, this in both digital and physical format. However, many will want to exchange creatures and try the multiplayer, so it is mandatory to activate the update.

Remember that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will arrive at November 18 for Nintendo Switch .


Via: Nintendo

Editor’s note: This is already one of the standards that almost all games implemented in its launch. So, every Switch connoisseur for this moment should already have a micro SD in the console.