John Wick Universe Confirmed: Keanu Reeves joins the ct of Ballerina with Ana de Arm

The fans of the action and more specifically of the saga John Wick are in luck. And we know, the franchise starring Keanu Reeves will soon premiere its quarter in cinem, while there are already two new spin-offs with the film Ballerina starring Ana de Weapons and the series The Continental , a prequel to the original film. Now, Lions gate confirms John Wick’s own universe, with new products that will arrive in the future; In addition, according to the media Collider, Keanu Reeves himself h joined the production of ballerina to appear in the film.

John Wick and his own expanded universe

Thus, it seems that the very Keanu Reeves h moved to Prague to join Ballerina’s filming, John Wick’s spin-off movie directed by Len Wiseman that will present the story to us of a young murderer (Ana de Arm) who intends to follow the steps of the legendary character played by Reeves. Thus, the famous actor adds to the production after leaving the Hulu project the devil in the White City. In addition, it is confirmed that the actor Ian Methane will play again Winston , the manager of the Continental Hotel, for the occion.


And speaking of the Continental, John Wick’s new prequel series that will tell us the first steps of the Winston many years before the first film and in which he will also be Mel Gibson (Brave heart), confirms which can be seen through prime video outside the United States after the recent Lions gate agreement with the Amazon platform.

Recall that Lions gate+ is in the process of transformation after leaving behind its previous name, Sharply , all after declaring losses of 1.7 billion dollars during its lt quarter. The Continental does not yet have a relee date, although it is expected to reach Prime Video in 2023 .

For its part, Ballerina Nor does it have a premiere date in cinem, although we should be able to see it at some time of 2024 . The one that is already date is the expected John Wick 4 , specifically, for the March 24, 2023 .