Official announcement of girl drill action Pepper Grinder, distributed in 2023 for Steam/Nintendo Switch. Drill with drills

Revolver Digital announced on November 10 the action adventure game Pepper Grinder by AHR EACH. The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch, which will be distributed in 2023.

Pepper Grinder is a 2D action adventure game featuring pirate girl pepper. She was sailing on a boat and broke down, and the treasure was deprived of a race called Darlings. Therefore, Pepper uses the drills to be adventured on a mysterious island to regain the treasure.

Pepper’s drill is very useful to dig the stage. There are places that can be excavated everywhere in the stage, and if you dig with a drill, you can go through the ground. There are many jewels that are money in the ground, and they take the course well to collect them and dig. It has a stage design that makes you want to try to connect the excavation action smoothly, such as jumping out of the excavated ground and heading to the next ground, using the assigned hooks and puzzle elements. That’s it.

The drill is also a weapon to attack the enemy. In addition to being able to make a melee attack, if you replace the tip of the drill, it will be transformed into a weapon with different performance. In the trailer, you can see a machine gun-like item on the stage, attach it to a drill to shoot bullets. Such drill items will be used for puzzle capture.

The jewel mentioned earlier can be used in the shop. The shop seems to be able to buy some items that can strengthen pepper. In order to open a new route in the world map, you will consume jewelry in the shop. In addition, there is a sticker as a collection element, and the pleasure of filling the sticker book is also available.

The developer AHR EACH of this work is the studio of indie developer RIV HESTER. He has been involved in this work for more than five years, and has long been reporting the progress of development on SNS (related article). And this time, Revolver Digital has been officially announced with the corresponding platform and distribution time for the distributor.


Pepper Grinder will be distributed in 2023 for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. According to the US Nintendo page, this work seems to be supported in Japanese.