Bayonetta 3 would have been an open world

A couple of weeks have passed since Bayonet ta 3 was marketing, fulfilling being an experience of Hack and Slash that has been praised by fans of the video game genre itself. And while the title is worth a lot, it has been rumored that perhaps the exploration was going to go along a different path, being a semi-open world to delight fans.

The insider Imran Khan affirms that the game was announced very early and that the director’s pandemic and departure left the development of the title in a fairly precarious position. However, one of the main reasons why the game took so long to launch, according to Imran, is that at a time of development, it was considered a semi-open world game.

This is what he commented:

The design was going to take advantage of more Astral Chain than Near Automata, but the idea was that a large central world would send Bayonet ta (or to anyone) to different worlds that would be quite open. Maybe Super mario 64 would be a good reference point for this. There was a lot of work and experimentation about this idea, but it collapsed with regard to the rhythm and, finally, Nintendo wanted them to reduce the scale. I heard that he did not have a particularly good performance in the Switch hardware.

Something that was also said is that the idea would have been discarded due to performance problems, since the idea would have been so ambitious that Switch components could not fulfill the task. Even so, the idea of doing something similar to Super Mario 64 with the entrance to different land is something that is definitely worth doing.

Via: Nintendo

Editor’s note: Definitely seeing these open worlds would have been something that many would have wanted for the video game. However, the title ended up dating unique quality.