German Twitch streamers are currently beginning at WOK

The 2003 WOK Globe Mug was introduced by Stefan RAAF, after which the WOK Globe Cup happened yearly till 2015. Currently, Prospered brings the Wok World Cup back and also a group being composed of German banners as well as YouTubers goes to the beginning.

On November 12, the WOK Globe Cup 2022 will certainly take area on Prospered. At the beginning are some of the largest German material developer: Marcel Montanblack Eris, Maximilian Try macs Steamer, Jens Knows Koala as well as Sasha unsympathischtv Bellinger. Die twitch group apparently has just one objective in mind: to win by all means.

The entire thing is regulated by Michael Bully Her big, the originally planned Sebastian Puff fails because of a break.

However, they do not rest in a toboggan slide or bob, yet in a pan understood from Oriental cuisine.

What is the Wok World Cup? This is a format of the television station Prospered. In the self-controls of a-wok as well as four-wok a lot more or much less widely known individualizes slide down an auto racing toboggan run.

weak factor: unappealing TV-the kilos are missing out on

, we desire to win-that’s not enjoyable, Knows opened the conference. Unsympathetically, he also verified that he likewise desired to win.

Knows has already determined a powerlessness: the slim unappealable Fichte simply doesn’t weigh sufficient. As the lightest of the 4, he will rest at the front of the wok, yet Knows fears that it is not enough to boast the slopes down the slopes.

W Each method are the streamers seek? They agreed on something: they desire triumph.

However, Knows’s strategy might result in a conflict with the regulations:

You have to see that we somehow bend bleeding around your apron. You will certainly sit in front, the method is extremely clear: the lightest in front.


final manager Joey Kelly

The streamers hesitate of this group: The Iron man individual Joey Kelly from the Kelly Household will additionally compete. He was currently on the WOK Globe Cup’s platform a number of times, 2004 and also 2005 there was gold in the four, in 2006 as well as 2014 he was victorious in songs.

Knows obviously thinks about Joey Kelly to be the most hazardous competition:

It remains to be seen whether the streamers have actually utilized the time given that their talk to educate vigilantly or whether they will count on their cheat method. It additionally remains amazing whether Montana blacking will certainly appear, it appeared to be not fairly certain 2 days prior to the occasion when it will happen (using Twitter):.

He practices as well as he takes it seriously. This is one that comes and has glued all the big companies on their breast as well as after that it goes off!

Where can I see this?


Montanblack organizes Pensioner Stream on Twitch and also 60,000 watch.

How he will certainly deal with the departure will certainly be revealed.

  • Friday, 11.11.2022, at 10:35 p.m. Prospered shows certifying.
  • Saturday, November 12th, 2022, at 8:15 p.m. the live program adheres to, additionally on Prospered.

While Knows concentrates on the weight of unsympathetically, the Twitch troops can do a completely various one: Montana blacking are terrible anxiety of heights, which was just recently apparent during his stream from the black mountains.

On November 12, the WOK Globe Mug 2022 will certainly take place on Prospered. At the beginning are some of the biggest German web content developer: Marcel Montanblack Eris, Maximilian Try macs Steamer, Jens Knows Koala and Sasha unsympathischtv Bellinger.

Whoever misses it is unlucky, since there need to not be a rep (through SWP).

What is the Wok World Cup? This is a style of the TV terminal Prospered.