I was afraid of the open world Sub Nortica: Biro Zero. I just touch the mobile game console Playdate with a crank. Sonic Frontier impression. This weeks gaming

Now Gaming is a corner where you write the game that each writer plays that week every Sunday. This is the 362nd time. Two months later, 2023.

The sanctions of Banjo are always exciting

I find and touch the time and touch the PLAYMATE equipped with a crank. Some compatible games are mainly used in cranks, while others are not, but they are also interested in games that use gutsy. So far, I like Rankin’s Time Travel Adventure. This is the work of Data Takanashi, known as the creator of the Soul.

In this work, a crank is used for the time of the hero who overslept on the promise of a date. If you turn it forward, the protagonist jumps out of the house and proceeds. It is important to proceed regardless of the crank regardless of the crank, and it is important to turn the crank to the approaching obstacle, control the various attitudes taken by the protagonist, and avoid it well. The crank needs to be delicate or turned vigorously, making it quite difficult, but it is a unique game experience that can not be obtained by other game consoles.
By. Tier Yamagata

As a horror game, Sub Notice: Biro Zero

This week, I played Sub Notice: Biro Zero, which had been thrown out before, with new save data. The stage of this work is the ocean that spreads out on aliens. Players run out of the planet while living underwater while managing physical strength, food, and moisture. Although it is a survival craft game, it is a good spice that contains horror elements in its essence.

If the player does not manage oxygen in this work, it is death. The resources for making high-performance machines are at the bottom of the sea, and players will always be rushed to the sea floor, which is always next to the drowning risk. In the ocean, there are vast empty space and cramped space such as caves and sinking boats. However, there is nothing, but the wide sea creates a lonely feeling without escape. More than ten times as much as the player, the squeals of a giant living form echoes from the bottom of the sea, and occasionally showing the shadow of the fish will stimulate the fear of unknown existence. When you enter a cave or a sinking ship for continuing the exploration underwater, the environment has changed. There are many space that is obstructed and created like a maze, and the sound of the sinking ship collapses with water pressure so that the player’s fear is fueled. Because the oxygen decreases, it is forced to search while fighting the drowning risk in a blockade.

The vast seabed, the cave and the cramp of sinking ships. I enjoyed it as a horror work that used separate fear production.
By. Mayo Kazan

To drunk

Sonic Frontier started. I was expecting a lot, but when I was watching the play video before the release, I was worried. I was thrilled what kind of things would come out, but as a result it was usually interesting and beaten.

It feels like Sonic with an open field of the stage and putting a gimmick. The field is large, but there are quite a lot of gimmicks. There are many collection elements. Field search is a very fun game. Speaking of the essence of Sonic, high-speed action. There are many gimmicks that make use of the action, and I feel everywhere I do not stop tempo. The concept part has a vision, and the feeling you want to do is well expressed. The battle elements that were anxious material in the previous play video were also introduced smoothly.

However, there are many surreal productions, including the Miss display at the time of falling, the character of the Miss display, the slightly dirty Japanese font, and the Japanese font is slightly dirty. There is a lot of Tsunami. However, it is great that the exhilaration of running Sonic is always guaranteed. I especially like the fact that the island is like an amusement park. There are some rough parts, so I thought that it was a work that could be evaluated depending on the high expectations before playing.
By. AUO Keybase