League of legends

League of Legends Patch 12.22 Full notes and updates

Preseason modifications

Similar to other preseasons, Riot Games is revamping outdated items no one is buying, reviving dragons we all hated, and assisting brand-new jungles and their family pets find their method in the jungle. Aside from that, the preseason patch is tweaking gold and experience for solo layers. And last but not least, Riot is lastly dealing with consistent problems like Asking and target inning.

Without additional ado, let’s delve into the spot notes and see what awaits us on Nov. 16 in League of Legends when Patch 12.22 finally drops.

After months of achingly taking a look at the BE and waiting for the return of Rod of Ages, the 2023 League of Legends preseason is finally here.

With all these changes, Riot intends to usually improve the quality of games and leave room for counterplay. Besides, the jungle, which is extremely unfriendly towards striving jungles, has been unforgiving when attempting to learn the fundamentals. With all these new changes, you can stop yelling at your screen, choose up juggling today, and conquer Summoner’s Rift just the method you pictured it.


The return of Chem tech Drake and Rift

Jungle changes

Chem tech Rift

  • Chem tech Drake: When the Chem tech Drake is below half health it acquires 33 percent damage resistance and offers 50 percent more damage. This drake will deal one hundred percent total AD + 4 percent of its target’s health as physical damage with each attack.
  • Chem tech Enthusiast: When your team kills a Chem tech Drake they will acquire a stacking buff that grants five percent Persistence and 5 percent Healing and Protecting power.
  • Chem tech Soul: Upon receiving the Chem tech Soul, gamers will receive an enthusiast that provides 10 percent damage resistance and 10 percent more damage while listed below 50 percent health.

  • Stem Fruits: Honey fruits will update into Stem Fruits and provide the usual heal plus a bonus offer shield in addition to no longer slowing champions that consume it

  • Blast Cones: Blast Cones will now blast units within their range two times as far when they take off
  • Firelight Blossom: Screen’s Bloom will update into Firelight’s Blossom which will expose a small location around the plant when broken in addition to the normal cone in the opposite direction it was broken from. Allies tagged will likewise gain movement speed towards that instructions for a brief duration, and enemy wards exposed will be taken to one health.

Chem tech Drake

Jungle camp modifications

  • Jungle buddies will progress twice throughout the video game by getting deals with by means of the following methods:.
  • One reward per big monster/champion takedown.
  • One perk reward is stored every one minute before reaching the companion’s final advancement form.
  • One bonus treat is kept every 90 seconds after reaching the companion’s final evolution type.
  • When a big beast is eliminated with perk treats readily available, players will receive two treats and 50 bonus gold. One benefit treat stack will also be eliminated.

  • Returning Pings: Retreat (formerly Threat), On My Method, Help Me, Enemy Missing.

  • New Pings: Push, All-In, Hold, Bait.

  • Base Advertisement, Base HP, Base MANA, Base MR, MANA Development: Rounded to the closest one.

  • AD Growth, Base MANA Regrowth, MANA Regrowth Development: Rounded to the nearest 0.05.
  • Attack Speed Growth: Rounded to the nearby 0.005.

Leashing range updates and indicators.

Top lane-oriented updates.

  • New-Soft Resets: After losing all persistence, rather of totally resetting, the beast will ‘soft reset’ for six seconds. While soft resetting, the beast will course towards its camp center, regrow six percent of its max health per second, and will overlook aggressors outside its leash range. Assaulting a beast while the aggressor is within its leash variety will end the soft reset and bring back some perseverance. After these six seconds have passed without the monster being attacked, the monster will ‘difficult reset’ and neglect all enemies, rapidly recover, and return to its initial position.
  • New-Soft vs Difficult Reset Speed: Beasts will move more slowly while soft resetting, and quicker once they hard reset.
  • New-Patience is Key: Beasts will not lose persistence for 1.5 seconds after being assaulted by a champ within the leash radius.
  • New-Patience Regrowth: Camps will now being to regrow lost patience after 2 seconds of being back within their leash range.
  • Little Monster Perseverance: Small Monsters will match the persistence of their particular large beast as long as it is alive and within 700 variety.
  • Blue Guard: 1000 > 650.
  • Group: 700 > 450.
  • Drugs: 900 > 650.
  • Murk Wolves: 800 > 650.
  • Raptors: 800 > 650.
  • Red Bramble back: 1000 > 650.
  • Rift Herald: 1200 > 1100.

  • Attacks: Ranged > Melee.

  • Base Health: 625 > 605.
  • Health Growth: 104 > 105.

Ravenous Hydra.

  • This is the Oran upgraded version of Glowing Virtue.
  • Health: 550.
  • Armor: 40.
  • Magic Resist: 40.
  • Ability Haste: 25.
  • Passive– Assisting Light: Passive is identical to base variation.

Turbo Chem tank.

Infinite Convergence.

Companion development.

  • Smite damage will be increased to 900 real damage against monsters.
  • Smite is now castable on enemy champions, dealing 80-160 (based upon level) real damage and slowing the target by 20 percent for two seconds.
  • The jungle product will stay in your inventory.
  • Buddy will visually progress.
  • Smite’s icon will upgrade.

New communication tools.

  • Scorch claw’s Slash: Scorch claw will build up Ash stacks at a rate of three stacks per 0.5 seconds or 100 stacks upon eliminating a large monster. At 100 Cinder stacks, your next circumstances of damage against an enemy champ will slow all enemies in a 250 system radius by 30 percent (decaying over two seconds) and deal burn damage equal to 5 percent of the target’s optimum health in real damage over 4 seconds to the main target.
  • Defense Buff: Take 30 percent reduced damage from beasts while at least two allies are within 1300 units.

Abyssal Mask.

R– Feast.

Spear of Shoji.


Red Bramble back.


Passive– Dream-Laden Bough.

  • No More Dead Zone: Teams have the choice to call a consentaneous early surrender vote if an AFK gamer is identified on their group between 10:00 and 15:00 > 3:30 and 15:00.

  • Now, if you use a vision ping near an opponent ward that you have actually seen within the last 10 seconds– or simply attack it– a completely accurate ward timer that is always noticeable to all colleagues will appear up until the ward is gotten rid of or expires..

Driver of Eons.


Suggested ability level ups.

  • New-Marked for Death: When a big monster dies, all small monsters in their camp will be marked for death. After 10 successive seconds of not being in battle with a champ, monsters that have been marked for death will pass away.
  • New-Own-Side Cleaning Strength: Jungles now deal 20 percent more damage from non-true damage sources to beasts by themselves side of the jungle. This increased damage will not use when dealing and attacking damage to the opponent’s camps.
  • New-Parting Presents: All big beasts will now heal 27 HP+ 3 for each level (increased by as much as 2.25 x based on missing out on health) health and restore 15 MANA + 2 for each level (increased by up to 2.25 x based upon missing MANA) MANA upon takedown if you have a jungle buddy. This heals/MANA restoration will take the type of projectile that will be fired towards the champ that last hit the monster after a 0.3-second delay.

Allied ward tracking.

Scorch claw.

  • Gold Cost: 3000.
  • Health: 400.
  • Armor: 30.
  • Magic Resist: 30.
  • Capability Rush: 20.
  • Develop Path: Aegis of the Legion + Kindle gem + Ruby Crystal.
  • Passive– Assisting Light: Upon casting your supreme you Go beyond, increasing your max health by 10 percent for nine seconds. While Transcended, you and allies within 1200 series of you acquire 15 non-ultimate capability rush and heal for one percent of your max health every 3 seconds, increased by approximately one hundred percent based on that champion’s missing health. 60 second cooldowns.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 100 health.

  • Returning Pings: Caution.

  • Mid-Lane Gold Changes: All minions generated in the mid-lane will now deserve one less gold prior to 14 minutes when last hit (formerly, only cannon minions deserved less gold, however were worth 10 less gold).

  • Minion Experience: Minions now approve 2.15 percent more experience to solo champions. When shared in between multiple champs is the same, Minion experience.



Capability recommendations.

  • Updating Cleave’s damage to be more in line with the brand-new Ravenous Hydra.
  • Special Passive– Cleave: 60-12 percent overall advertisement (based upon distance) > half of total advertisement for melee champs and 25 percent of total advertisement for ranged champions to all enemies around them.

  • Gold Expense: 3000.

  • Health: 400.
  • Armor: 30.
  • Magic Resist: 30.
  • Ability Haste: 20.
  • Construct Course: Aegis of the Legion + Kindle gem + Ruby Crystal.
  • Passive– Void born Resilience: For each second in champion fight, acquire a stack granting 2 armor and MR, up to 8 max. At max stacks end up being empowered, immediately draining enemies around you for three percent of your max health (lowered to 30 percent versus minions and monsters) and increasing your withstands by 10 percent until end of battle.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Famous products five armor and five magic resistance.

Turret plating.

  • This is the Oran upgraded version of Ice born Gauntlet.
  • Health: 550.
  • Armor: 70.
  • Capability Rush: 25.
  • Passive– Spell blade: Passive is identical to base version.

End-of-season ranked rewards will be distributed to all players by Dec. 14.

  • Gust walker’s Gait: Gain 45 percent bonus offer move speed when entering a brush that decomposes over two seconds after leaving the brush. This is increased to 60 percent for 2 seconds after killing a large beast.
  • Security Buff: Take 30 percent reduced damage from beasts while a minimum of two allies are within 1300 systems.

Camp mechanic modifications.

Champ base stat clean-up.

Enemy ward timers.

Camp gold and experience changes.

Blue Guard


  • True Damage to Non-Champions: 340/500/660/ 820/980 > 400/600/800/ 100/1200.

  • Attack Damage: 78 > 66.

  • Health: 1850 > 2300.
  • New-On-Hit Damage: Red Bramble back now deals 5 percent of its target’s present health on hit.

  • Crimson Raptor Health: 800 > 1100.

  • Crimson Raptor Attack Damage: 20 > 17.
  • New-On-Hit Damage: Crimson Raptor now deals three percent of its target’s current health on hit.
  • Raptor Health: 425 > 500.
  • Raptor Attack Damage: 10 > seven.

  • Gold Expense: 3200.

  • Ability Power: 60.
  • Health: 300.
  • MANA: 400.
  • Build Path: Driver of Eons + Blasting Wand + Amplifying Tome.
  • Passive: This product gains 20 health, 20 manas, and four capability power every minute, approximately 10 times, for an optimum of 200 health, 200 manas, and 40 capability power. Upon reaching max stacks, gain a level and all results of Eternity are increased by half. (Note: this will not increase the level cap of 18).
  • Distinct Passive-Eternity: Restore MANA equal to 8 percent of precipitation damage drawn from champions, and health equal to 20 percent of MANA spent, as much as 15 health per cast. Toggled capabilities can just heal for as much as 15 per second. For every 250 health or MANA restored this way, gain 25 percent decaying move speed for two seconds.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary products five Ability Rush.

  • Smite Damage: 450 (Base)/ 900 (Challenging/Chilling Smite) > 600/900/1200 (0/20/40 buddy stacks).

  • Updated-New Smites New Names: Smite/Challenging Smite/Chilling Smite > Smite/Unleashed Smite/Primal Smite.

  • Attacks: Ranged > Melee.

  • Gold Cost: 3200.

  • Health: 800.
  • Health Regent: 200 percent.
  • Ability Rush: 20.
  • Build Path: Kindle gem + Crystalline Bracer + Giant’s Belt.
  • Passive– Enormous Consumption: Charge up an effective attack against a champ over 3 seconds while within 700 variety of them. The charged attack deals 125 + 6 percent of your max health as reward physical damage, and grants you 10 percent of that quantity as irreversible max health. 30 second cooldowns per target.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Famous products one percent benefit health and 6 percent champion size.

  • Allies are Friends: In Ranked Solo/Duo champion select, all summoner names that aren’t yours or your duo partner’s will be replaced by Ally one through 5.

Aegis of the Legion.

Objective planning.

The Unspoken Parasite.

  • Smite damage will be increased to 1200 against monsters and will do half of its damage as AOE damage against neighboring beasts.
  • Players will end up being empowered and receive buffs depending on their chosen buddy.
  • The jungle item will be eliminated from your stock.
  • Companion will visually evolve.
  • Smite’s icon will update.

Murk Wolves.

  • Buddies will offer their owners with a boost to MANA regeneration equivalent to 8 percent missing out on MANA + eight percent missing MANA (for each next level it’s increased for 1.3 0.1) while in the jungle.

Nun & Will ump.

  • Healing vs Champions: 10.5-124.5 (based on level)(+18 percent AP) (Note: linear scaling) > six-120 (based upon level) (+18 percent AP) (Note: now utilizes stat development multiplier).

First evolution.

Base stats.

Vision wheel.

  • We’re adding first clear bathing suggestions. These suggestions will be shown on your minimal and above camps aesthetically, showing the recommended order of your very first clear. These first clear courses were identified by gathering data from high-skilled jungles on their high-mastery champs throughout the globe. Bathing recommendations are based on win percentage and will be upgraded each patch.

  • This is the Oran upgraded variation of Heart steel.

  • Health: 1050.
  • Health Regent: 300 percent.
  • Capability Haste: 25.
  • Passive– Enormous Consumption: Passive corresponds base variation.

ARM balance changes.

  • Alkali: +20 percent Persistence, +20 percent Energy Regrowth.
  • Echo: +20 percent Perseverance.
  • Elise: +20 percent Tenacity.
  • Evelyn: +20 percent Persistence.
  • Fizz: +20 percent Tenacity.
  • Assassin: +20 percent Perseverance.
  • Katarina: +20 percent Persistence.
  • Kay: +20 percent Perseverance.
  • Kennel: +20 percent Energy Regrowth.
  • Khan’Six: +20 percent Persistence.
  • Le’Blanc: +20 percent Perseverance.
  • Lee Sin: +20 percent Energy Regeneration.
  • Pike: +20 percent Perseverance.
  • Diana: +20 percent Tenacity.
  • Red’ SAI: +20 percent Perseverance.
  • Rear: +20 percent Tenacity.
  • Talon: +20 percent Tenacity.
  • Zed: +20 percent Perseverance, +20 percent Energy Regeneration.

Rangoon’s Prophecy.


Ice born Onslaught (formerly Frost fire Gauntlet).

Rod of Ages.

Jungle buddies.

Suggested bathing.


AFK surrender time updates.

  • This is the Oran updated variation of JAK’ Who, the Protean.
  • Health: 550.
  • Armor: 40.
  • Magic Resist: 40.
  • Capability Rush: 25.
  • Passive– Void born Resilience: Passive is similar to base version.

  • Health: 1850 > 2300

  • Attack Damage: 78 > 66
  • New-On-Hit Damage: Blue Guard now deals five percent of its target’s current health

  • Gobstopper’s Guts: Gain a 75-330 (based on level) health shield after killing a beast camp or after 10 seconds out of fight. New-Soft Resets: After losing all persistence, instead of fully resetting, the beast will ‘soft reset’ for 6 seconds. Additional Function: The Need Vision ping will leave a small consistent indicator for a minute, or till a ward is positioned close by. Passive– Guiding Light: Upon casting your ultimate you Transcend, increasing your max health by 10 percent for 9 seconds. Passive– Spell blade: After utilizing an ability, your next attack is enhanced with an extra 100 percent base AD physical damage and develops a frost field for 2.5 seconds.

Game remake updates.

  • Damage to Non-Champions: 1000 (+50 percent AP) (+10 percent Bonus offer HP) > 1200 (+50 percent AP) (+10 percent Bonus HP).

Lane gold and experience modifications.

Base stats.

New and updated products.

  • Gold Provided per Plate: 160 > 175.
  • Armor and MR per Turret Plate: 35 > 40.

  • We’re presenting a new voting function that will appear when objectives are pinged that works likewise to a surrender vote. Now all players can suggest and vote whether they want to contest that objective or take. The jungle’s vote will be counted as 2 votes and an overall of four elect or against will be considered lined up..

Rift Herald.

Prehistoric Dawn.

Expanded tactical wheel.

As jungle buddies progress, they will receive the following bonus offers at each evolution:.

JAK’ Who, the Protean.

  • Gold Expense: 1400 > 1200.

Champion buffs.

Other pings.

  • Ashe: -20 Ability Haste.

  • Experience Provided To Champs within 600 units: 200 > 300.

  • First Spawned Rift Herald Charge: 2000 > 1500.

Companion attacks.

  • Lane Minion Experience: Jungles will just get 75 percent experience from lane minions before their very first pet evolution unless the jungle is behind the average game level.
  • Large Beast Gold: All large monster gold offered to non-junglers has been reduced by 15 gold.
  • Big Beast Experience for Non-Junglers: All big beast experience offered to non-junglers has been decreased by 15 experience other than for the Ancient Drug which has actually been decreased by 12 experience.
  • Large Monster Experience for Jungles: All big beasts now provide an additional 15 experience if you have a jungle companion.

Q– Consume.

  • Gobstopper’s Courage: Gain a 75-330 (based upon level) health shield after eliminating a beast camp or after 10 seconds out of battle. This guard will stay forever. Gamers will gain 20 percent Tenacity and slow withstand while the guard is present and for three seconds after it has been broken.
  • Security Enthusiast: Take 30 percent minimized damage from beasts while a minimum of two allies are within 1300 units.

Summoner spells.

Champ nerfs.

  • Ancient Drug Health: 1050 > 1350
  • Ancient Drug Attack Damage: 74 > 57
  • New-On-Hit Damage: Ancient Drug now deals 3 percent of its target’s current health on hit
  • Drug Health: 500 > 650
  • Ancient Drug and Drugs Death Animation/Smaller Drug Spawn Time: 1.3 seconds > one second
  • Removed-Keeping It Together: Ancient Drug no longer spawns 2 Drugs when eliminated and rather spawns 4 mini Drugs
  • New-1= 2: Ancient Drug is now counted as two CS (Note: The Drugs camp as a whole will still be counted as four CS).

Companion MANA regeneration.

Gunfire Aegis.

  • Greater Murk Wolf Health: 1200 > 1600.
  • Greater Murk Wolf Attack Damage: 35 > 30.
  • New– On-Hit Damage: Greater Murk Wolf now deals 3 percent of its target’s current health on hit.
  • Murk Wolves Health: 480 > 630.

  • Item Tier: Mythic > Legendary.

  • Gold Expense: 3200 > 2800.
  • Health: 450 > 500.
  • Magic Resist: 25 > 50.
  • Armor: 25 > 0.
  • Ability Haste: 20 > 10.
  • Construct Course: Bali’s Cinder + Cloth Armor + Null Magic Mantle > Kindle gem + Negation Cloak + Ruby Crystal.
  • Removed Passive– Refuel.

Heart steel.

Rift Scuttled.

  • Gold Expense: 3400.
  • Attack Damage: 65.

  • Health: 300.
  • Capability Haste: 20.
  • Special Passive– Dragon force: Non-ultimate spells gain an additional (+ eight percent base advertisement) Capability Haste for melee champs (+ 6 percent base advertisement) Ability Rush for ranged champions, decreased to (+ 4 percent base AD) Capability Haste for melee champions (+ 3 percent base AD) Ability Rush for varied] for spells with immobilizing effects.
  • Special Passive– Exigency: Gain approximately (15 percent melee, 10 percent varied) move speed, based upon your percent missing out on health (maxed out while below 33 percent health).
  • Build Path: B.F. Sword + Kindle gem + Caulfield’s Warhammer.

Companion advancements.

  • Water fountain Examine: Prior to 3 minutes, if a gamer is in the water fountain for 90 constant seconds, their group has the ability to start a remake. At 45 seconds, a gamer will receive a chat message telling them they require to leave the fountain. At 70 seconds, they will get a pop-up message informing them they need to leave the water fountain.

  • New-ping wheel concentrated on vision– Vision Cleared, Enemy Vision, Requirement Vision.

  • Additional Function: The Requirement Vision ping will leave a small persistent sign for a minute, or until a ward is put close by. You may just have one of these indicators active at any provided time. Pinging again will change your previous one.

  • We are adding in-game capability level-up suggestions. These visual indications will appear when you level up and emphasize which ability is usually leveled by gamers at each level..

  • Spawn Time: 3:15 > 3:30.

  • Health at level one: 1050 > 1550.
  • Removed See Ya Guard: Rift Scuttled no longer has a shield.

Season 2022 rewards.

Frozen Fist.

  • Gold Cost: 1100.
  • Health: 225.
  • MANA: 300.
  • Develop Path: Ruby Crystal + Sapphire Crystal.
  • Distinct Passive– Eternity: Restore MANA equal to eight percent of precipitation damage drawn from champions, and health equal to 20 percent of MANA spent, up to 15 health per cast. Toggled abilities can just heal for approximately 15 per second.

  • Gold Expense: 2800 > 3000.

  • Health: 450 > 400.
  • Armor: 25 > 50.
  • Magic Resist: 25 > 0.
  • Ability Rush: 20 (unchanged).
  • Develop Course: Bali’s Cinder + Null-Magic Mantle + Cloth Armor > Sheen + Kindle gem + Chain Vest.
  • Passive– Spell blade: After utilizing a capability, your next attack is improved with an extra 100 percent base AD physical damage and develops a frost field for 2.5 seconds. Enemies that move throughout the field are slowed by 15 percent +.004 percent bonus health (halved for varied users). Your primary target is paralyzed, using a 100 percent stronger sluggish on them and reducing their damage by 10 percent versus you for 2.5 seconds. 1.5 2nd cooldown.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary products 50 health, 5 percent Perseverance, and 5 percent sluggish withstand.

Vision system updates.

Turret adjustments.

  • Gold Cost: 2700 > 3000.
  • Health: 250 > 400.
  • Armor: 90 > 60.
  • Ability Rush: 10 > 0.
  • Construct Path: Warden’s Mail + Fabric Armor + Ruby Crystal > Warden’s Mail + Giant’s Belt.
  • New-Active– Humbleness: Quickly sluggish close-by opponents by 55 percent for two seconds (60 2nd cooldown).
  • New-Passive– Important Resistance: Vital strikes deal 20 percent less damage to you.
  • Passive– Rock Solid: Reduce inbound damage from attacks by up to 5 +0.35 percent, capped at 40 percent of attack’s damage.

  • This is the Oran updated version of Rod of Ages.

  • Capability Power: 80.
  • Health: 450.
  • MANA: 550.
  • Passive/Unique Passive– Eternity: Passives correspond base variation.

Glowing Virtue.


Champ select anonymity.

  • We’re presenting new ward visuals on the minimal that will indicate when wards are close to expiring. Allied ward minimal icons will now alter look when they reach a third of their remaining duration..

Final advancement.

  • Gold Expense: 2700 > 3000.
  • Health: 450 > 500.
  • MANA: 0 > 300.
  • Magic Resist: 35 > 40.
  • Capability Rush: 10 (unchanged).
  • Construct Course: Kindle gem + Specter’s Cowl > Driver of Eons + Specter’s Cowl.
  • New-Passive– Eternity: Restore MANA equivalent to eight percent of precipitation damage taken from champions, and health equal to 20 percent of MANA spent, up to 15 health per cast. Toggled capabilities can only recover for approximately 15 per second.
  • Passive– Unmake: Curse neighboring enemy champs, reducing their magic withstand by five + 1.2 percent reward health (max 25). For each Cursed opponent, gain 9 magic withstand.


  • Attack Damage: 70 > 65.
  • Special Passive– Cleave: 60-12 percent overall advertisement (based upon range) > 60 percent of overall advertisement for melee champs and 30 percent of total AD for ranged champions to all enemies around them.
  • New-Unique Passive-Carnivorous: Gain 0.6 advertisement and 0.1 percent Omnivore on minion eliminates, increased to two times that quantity for champions, large/epic monsters, and siege minions. Stacks up to 24 advertisement and four percent Omnivore. Lose half of these stacks on death.


  • Buddies will deal 20 (+ four percent base HP) (+15 percent AP) (+10 percent advertisement) and will assault at a rate of one attack per second. After their owner has actually stopped assaulting, they will assault two more times and then stop.
  • Companions will heal their owner for 70 percent of the above number each time they attack.
  • Harming a camp from a range will cause companions to jump attack toward the camp, dealing the exact same quantity of damage.

Gust walker.

  • Health: 1650 > 2200
  • Attack Damage: 74 > 70
  • Attack Variety: 200 > 175
  • New-On-Hit Damage: Group now deals 5 percent of its target’s current health on hit
  • Removed-Parting Present: Group will no longer recover the champion that eliminated it upon dying

  • Jungle products are replaced with Jungle buddies: Gobstopper, Scorch claw, or Gust walker in egg kind at the beginning of the game.

  • They’ll progress and grow as you progress in the video game by getting stacks from monster and champion takedowns.


  • Product Tier: Mythic > Legendary.
  • Gold Cost: 3200 > 2800.
  • Health: 450 > 400.
  • Armor: 35 > 50.
  • Magic Resistance: 35 > 0.
  • Capability Haste: 20 > 0.
  • Develop Path: Bali’s Cinder + Aegis of the Legion > Bali’s Cinder + Chain Vest.
  • Removed-Unique Passive– Flame touch: Flame touch has been gotten rid of.
  • Passive– Immolate: Immolate damage is no longer increased by 150 percent against monsters.